Magical in the Mundane Series: New Moon

There’s a lot of talk within the Pagan and Witch community about living a magical life.  This means bringing elements of spirituality into everyday activities.  In my practice, I like to coordinate different tasks to the moon phase.  Obviously this isn’t always practical or feasible, but it does bring a little bit of oomph into everyday life.

The New Moon, which I celebrate from the last day of the Dark Moon to the first night I see the Moon reappear in the sky, is a great time to start new projects or to set the metaphorical reset button.  Here is a breakdown of example of activities I like to coordinate with the New Moon.


  • Change your sheets
  • Paint or hang new pictures or curtains
  • Plant crops or buy new house plants

Personal Care

  • Cut your hair, if you want to try a new style
  • Start a new diet or exercise regimen
  • Switch out contacts, razors, and toothbrush

Work and School

  • Propose a new initiative or policy
  • Start a research project, thesis, or dissertation
  • Begin professional correspondence with a new client

Social Life

  • Try a new hobby or activity
  • Ask a crush on a date
  • Go to dinner with a recent acquaintance

The common theme between all of these activities is beginning and newness.  Anything you want to grow, start it at the New Moon.  As you watch the Moon wax, you’ll be more inclined to continue your plans successfully.

© Ariadne Woods


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