Aspects of the Goddess, Aspects of Self

There are several different ways to perceive the Goddess.  Some prefer to see her as an unknowable being and as the feminine balance of Spirit.  On the other hand, I and other practitioners agree with that sentiment but also break her down into different archetypes of women.  Some use the Triple Goddess model, others figures from Classical or Modern mythology, and many use both.  

Sometimes practitioners get caught up in one part of an aspect of the Goddess.  For example, you can look at Aphrodite as a Goddess of love and pleasure alone.  Yet that’s a mono faceted way of looking at her.  Aphrodite has a dark side, too.  In many of her myths she is ill-tempered and mercurial.  Each aspect of the Goddess has a personality of her own, with many strengths, weaknesses, and roles.  Too often, we get caught up with the desire to have a perfect deity with no flaws or quirks.  Yet, denying the imperfection of the Goddess is like pretending part of her doesn’t exist.  

All to often, we do the same thing when looking at ourselves.  We feel a particular label or adjective describes our entire personality.  I know I am guilty of this.  I like to think of myself as a mysterious, sexy, and smart woman.  And all that is true.  Yet, most of my friends and family would describe me as “cute.” This used to get under my skin and annoy me until I seriously examined who I am.  I mean, I’m currently wearing a Peanuts tee shirt with my hair in a ponytail and do get enthusiastically excited about just about everything.  Okay maybe they have a point…

Now just like the Goddess, a person’s personality has its dark parts.  For myself, I struggle with anxiety and depression that consumes me at times.  I also can be a little prejudiced against pretension and am a bit of a gossip.  I am not perfect, but I don’t mind.  My imperfect bits are just another aspect of who I am.

I encourage everyone to take a look at the Goddesses and Gods you work with and reexamine their personalities.  While you’re at it, take this Mabon and Samhain seasons and look at yourself.  Have you been missing out on a stronger connection with them because you never realized they’re just like you?

© Ariadne Woods


2 thoughts on “Aspects of the Goddess, Aspects of Self

  1. What a perfectly timed post for me as I struggle to reconcile the “good” and “bad” aspects of myself and have recently called on strength from “my” goddess to help me find the strength to do so. Thank you.

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