Magical in the Mundane Series: Mabon

Sabats are seasons.  They are more than just a singular day, but rather the culmination of an entire spiritual and natural era.  It’s like a switch goes off and suddenly your in Mabon mode.  For me, I know I am in Mabon’s season because I want to buy mums and drink pumpkin beer.  All year long I will be practicing exactly what I’ve been preaching–fusing elements of the spiritual seasons into everyday activities–and sharing some suggestions based on my experiences.

Mabon is otherwise known as the Witch’s Thanksgiving.  It is a time of preparation and gratefulness.  Here are a few ideas to bring that energy into everyday life.


  • Harvest the remainder of your crops and take potted plants into the house
  • Take extra cans and nonperishables to the local food pantry
  • Board up holes to avoid pest infestation
  • Make applesauce and cider to enjoy all winter long
  • Turn off air conditioners and store window units for next summer

Personal Care

  • Take coats, hats, scarves, boots, and sweaters out of storage
  • Begin any regime to avoid the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yoga, sun lamps, and time outside work well for mild cases; see a doctor in moderate to severe cases
  • If you’re super DIY, make a big batch of body or hand cream 
  • Stock up on cold and flu remedies, including your flu vaccine
  • Enjoy including fall fruits and veggies, such as apples and squash, into meals

Work and School

  • Take off work for Samhain
  • Stock up on school supplies and make any necessary upgrades to your computers and devices
  • Plan a charitable event hosted by your company or campus organization
  • Make a list of dormant projects to keep track of your workload
  • Start a project to make your work life easier.  For example, I work in a historical society and we are putting environmental monitoring devices in every room to make sure the objects are in optimal conditions.  After its installed, I will check these devices every week to check for problems.  This action will prevent deterioration and damage to the collections

Social Life

  • Go apple picking with your family or friends
  • Host or attend a bonfire with plenty of warm cider and seasonal beers
  • Volunteer at a local park to help clean up trash
  • Take a drive with a crush or significant other to see the changing leaves
  • Sign up for a class, whether to expand the mind, learn a new skill, or to make friends

© Ariadne Woods


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