Witch Tips: When You’re Sick

In a few days it’ll officially be Fall…and the start of cold season.  In fact for me and my roommates, we already have our first sore throats and coughs.  What’s a witch to do?  Get better, of course.  To be clear, this post discusses short term illnesses and their affects on spirituality and magic.  Long term illnesses, especially chronic ones, have different effects on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life.  For all forms of physical illness while magical and spiritual techniques help in a holistic point of view, they DO NOT provide a cure for your condition.  For any suspected bacterial infection or a cold lasting more than a couple of days, go see a medical practitioner.   However, there are things you can do to heal the energetic and spiritual parts of your being.

  • Indulge Your Food Cravings: When I’m sick, all I want is ginger ale and that canned soup with the mini hamburgers.  Food I rarely eat when I’m healthy.  Part of it is certainly the nutrients I need to fight the infection, but it’s also food that instantly makes me feel better.
  • Avoid Big Magic Unless Your Have To: When you’ve got a cold or ear infection, that isn’t the right time or mindset to work spells.  You’re run down and your energetic self is already trying to divert all its resources into healing.  Even self healing spells aren’t necessarily a good idea.  Get a friend to perform it for you.
  • Use Homeopathic Methods in Tandem with Prescribed Care:  Now just because magic is off the table doesn’t mean you can’t put your witchy skills to good use.  Don’t be afraid to pull out the echinacea tea and diffuse a little eucalyptus oil.  Of course discuss all medications and herbs with your doctor.
  • Catch Up on Your Witchy Reading: Make a dent into that stack of unread books hanging out in the corner.  Try to get through a chapter of Drawing Down the Moon or any other canonical Neo-Pagan tome.
  • Bring Nature Indoors:  There’s a reason you send flowers when someone is sick.  Nature is healing.  When you’re stuck inside and can’t get out, flowers definitely help.
  • Offer a Sacrifice When You’re Back Up and Running: Remember to thank the gods for their assistance in your speedy recovery.

© Ariadne Woods


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