Magical in the Mundane Series: Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon is a time marked by growth and development.  I mark it from the day after I spot a new crescent to two days before the Full Moon.  Generally it’s a good time to start new projects and develop good habits.  It’s partially psychological, partially energetic.  As the Goddess grows, so does your success in all of your endeavors.


  • Complete a few small house repairs (creaky stairs, paint crown molding, etc.)
  • Incorporate a few new recipes into your repertoire with lots of nourishing herbs, fruits, and veggies
  • Start a piggy bank or open a savings account

Self Care

  • Cut your hair if you want it to grow
  • Spend some time working on your mind, which is just as important as your physical health. Go to a museum, lecture, or gallery; do some Sudoku or crossword puzzles; get a few new books from the library.
  • Have a beauty evening.  I like to get in the tub with a face mask and a glass of beer, but do whatever makes you feel good.

Work and School

  • Keep on top of all projects and homework
  • Take a client or coworker to lunch to cultivate a strong working relationship
  • Attend any professional development courses or extra university lectures

Social Life

  • Go to drinks or go to a coffee shop with friends
  • Have a date night with your partner or spouse.  If you have children, try to get home after they’ve gone to bed so nothing can keep you from romantic moments
  • Visit your parents/grandparents or send them a care package.

© Ariadne Woods

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