The Witch is Back

Hi lovely readers,

My long time readers may have noticed I have been absent from posting since October.  Part of that is grad school.  I have had a ton of work lately because I’m finishing my degree and am preparing to go into the professional world.  I needed a little more time in my week, so I cut a few of my obligations and put this blog on ice.  But if I’m also being honest, I was starting to feel that when it came to this blog I was not completely being myself. In reality I hadn’t been practicing for months.  While traveling in June I realized I had been using my spirituality as a crutch to hang on to tough situations and to be in that “woe is me” place.  That is not me and I did not want that to be my practice.  I was feeling so harried and down, so I decided to put my spirituality on the back burner.  So clearly there was a little dissonance between what I was writing and what I’ve been doing. In essence, I felt like I was talking the talk but not walking the walk.  And once I figured that out, I knew I needed to walk away for a while.

Recently, the distance between myself and my spiritual life has been bridged.  I live in New England fairly close to Boston, so needless to stay I’ve been stuck inside since the middle of January.  That was such a great opportunity for me to look inward and do a little shadow work. I never realized how important gratitude and daily practice is to me.  Or how important herb work is to my connection to Mother Earth.  Or how bull shitty I find divination (post about that to come).   And I realized that I need to revive and renew my practice and continue to share it with people.

To put it simply, the witch is back.  And I feel damn good about it.

Bright blessings,


© Ariadne Woods


5 thoughts on “The Witch is Back

    1. Nope, I’m not. I sometimes share her videos with my readers (so you’re not the first person who has been confused). As far as I know, she has left Youtube and the online Pagan community forever due to some harassment issues.

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