Thirteen April Fools Jokes to Play on Witches

I have yet to meet a witch without a sense of humor.  So on this day of tricksters, feel free to play a few harmless pranks on your friends, family, and coven mates.  Here are thirteen ideas to get you thinking about how to pull one over on the magical and Pagan people in your life! Continue reading


Women’s Moon Cycle Magic

I was introduced to the concept of working with the energetic and physical shifts that a woman experiences during her monthly period by the book The Red Tent.  It’s a fictitious, almost alternative historical account of the life of Dinah, the Biblical figure Jacob’s only daughter.  One of the main focuses of the novel centers around activities Dinah and her mothers do in the red tent, which is where the women in their community retreat from the world to rest and relax during their moon cycles.  Since then, the topic of specific magical and spiritual activities that I could do during my period kept coming across my path. Continue reading

Paganism Versus the New Age Movement

Earlier this week I overheard a discussion about the connection between Paganism and New Age, alternative healing methods.  The speaker was talking about how angry he was to find things like chakra charts and gem elixir kits in the Pagan shops because they’re not magical and have anything to do with Pagan practices.  This got me thinking.  Why do Pagan shops carry New Age things and vis versa?  Where does the Pagan Movement start and the New Age Movement begin?  How do they connect?  So I did a little research! Continue reading

What to Wear to Ritual

Recently I have started transitioning from a solitary witch to a social witch working with a local coven.  When preparing for my first public ritual with this coven, one thing that kept stressing me out was what I should wear.  I know, I know, a little superficial.  But my background working with spiritual groups comes purely from my Christian upbringing which had a strict dress code. So I honestly didn’t know what to wear.  However after a few rituals the answer to this question was easily answered: anything I want.  There aren’t any hard and fast rules for the average Pagan ritual.  I’m sure specific traditions and events have guidelines, but in general dressing for a Pagan ritual is just as unique as every day personal style. Continue reading

Ritual Writing 101

So you’ve been practicing for a few years and are getting sick of using rituals from books or other resources.  Great!  This is a good sign that your practice is progressing in a positive way.  It can be a little difficult at first, so be patient.

The most important thing about ritual writing is to think about it for more than a second.  Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this ritual?  Is it celebrating a sabat?  Or an esbat?  Or something personal?  Even spontaneous rituals need a little forethought and preparation.  If you are completely new to ritual writing, Continue reading