Reader Questions: Spirit and Spellwork

Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of questions via email, comments, and Twitter.  All of them have been so insightful! But recently I’ve been getting a lot of repeats, so I’ve decided to answer them publicly.

What are people talking about when they say their following spirit?: Have you ever had a day when you just kept asking yourself “what do I want to do” and then followed accordingly?  That’s following spirit; trusting your intuition above all else and following accordingly.

Is there a difference between spirit the element and the Great Spirit?: Some may disagree, but I don’t think so.  The Great Spirit, the Holy Ghost, and the Tao all in essence reflect a similar concept of divine energetic source.  Spirit the metaphysical element is the energy of the beings in the physical world. Since both concepts reflect the energetic, I would argue that spirit the element is the Great Spirit on the micro level.

Why did my spell not work?: A couple of reasons.  The most common two are a lack of clear outcome and specificity (example: you want to bring a new lover into your life, but simply ask for love which is too broad) or lack of visualization.  In both cases, you may want to redo the spell.  Another possibility is the goal just hasn’t manifested yet.  A spell could take anywhere from one day to four months to manifest.

Can a spell give me special abilities?: No.  Metaphysical abilities like telekinesis and pyrokinesis have time and time again been scientifically disproved.  I’ve met one or two people with strong intuition that borderlines on presence, but in those cases none of the individuals are avid spell casters.  I figure in those cases those abilities are genetic, like eye color. The one caveat I will give you is spell work can sharpen anyone’s innate intuition.

© Ariadne Woods


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