Three Ostara Rituals

Ostara is fast approaching! It is the sabat of balance, newness, creativity, and growth.   Have you thought about what ritual you want to do for the start of Spring?  Well for those who have not, here are three ideas for Ostara rituals.

  • The Egg Ritual: This ritual is designed to be kid friendly.  The point is to teach Pagan children–and adults–the importance of creativity and self-expression.  You can easily incorporate the story of Eostre and the Hare into the ritual (which I give a quick version of in my Ostara Myths post).  Gather some eggs, egg dye, and all other appropriate ingredients.  Prepare the dye as instructed.  Give each child and adult an egg.  Instruct everyone to sit for a quiet moment and meditate on how they are like the egg.  Then ask them to consider what makes them special and if they could describe their unique spirit what colors would that be.  At this point people will instinctively start reaching for dyes.  Let kids go crazy here and come up with crazy color combinations.  Let the eggs dry and offer them to the Goddess by displaying them in your front window for the rest of the Ostara season.
  • Seeds of Intention:  This ritual is perfect for the new growing season of Ostara as well as for the New Moon.  As this Ostara and the new Moon coincide this year, this ritual is kind of perfect!  Gather soil, a pot, seeds, and a watering can.  Consider choosing either fast growing seeds like cat grass or for more patient Pagans seeds that do well indoors such as basil. Find some quiet time to think either within or outside of the ritual circle.  Put some soil in the pot and open the packet of seeds.  Consider a new project or initiative you want to begin.  Is it a new job or relationship?  Are you and your partner thinking of having children?  Or do you really want to take up belly dance or violin lessons because it’s something you’ve always wanted to do?  Handle the seeds as you think and when you feel ready plant them in the soil.  Water them daily for at least a moon cycle and watch your goal manifest as the seeds sprout!
  • Rain Ritual: This is the time of year when precipitation changes from snow to rain.  The rain washes away the doldrums of Winter and sets nature back in balance by facilitating growth.  This is the perfect time of year to reset your priorities and let some stagnant aspects of your life wash away.  To prepare for this ritual, all you need is a pen, paper, and a bowl of rosewater.  Cast a circle and take some time to be quiet.  Consider what you want to wash away from your life in order to bring new growth into your life.  Is it a bad habit?  Is it a toxic relationship?  Whatever it is, write it down on the piece of paper.  When ready, tear up the paper into a million pieces.  Then, take the bowl of rosewater and bless it with love and growth and whatever else you need.  When ready, use the water to bless yourself by sprinkling it over your head.

© Ariadne Woods


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