An Herbal Blend for Ostara

Happy almost Spring Equinox! In all of your sabat preparations, there are so many herbs to work with this time of year: daffodil, sandalwood, tulip, rose, hyacinth, lilies, and geranium.  It’s the sabat of flowers, so try to incorporate them into your ritual scents!  For my practice, I developed a blend for my diffuser to clear out the clutter of winter and bring in a little more love in my life.


  • 1 part (or 10 drops) rose
  • 1 part (or 10 drops) sandalwood
  • 1/2 part (or 5 drops) geranium
  • 1/4 part (2-3 drops) basil

Combine the oils in a diffuser or the herbs to burn over a charcoal block.

Rose celebrates the Maiden aspect of the Goddess and corresponds to love and romance.  Sandalwood relates to protection and spirituality.  Geranium cleanses and brings about happiness.  Basil drives away negative energy and brings in love and prosperity.

© Ariadne Woods


6 thoughts on “An Herbal Blend for Ostara

  1. Could you tell me where you procure these oils? Do you have a favorite mail order place you can share?
    Thank you for your post! I need some clean out in my life 😃

    1. Of course! I usually buy mine at Whole Foods or on Amazon. I prefer the brand Aura Cacia, but any pure essential oil will do (just make sure you’re buying the real deal and not a synthetic fragrance which can irritate the skin and allergies).

      1. Thanks so much!! There is a Whole Foods nearby, however I’m an Amazon Fanatic and will check out the Aura Cacia line very soon. I really appreciate your help =-)

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