Thirteen April Fools Jokes to Play on Witches

I have yet to meet a witch without a sense of humor.  So on this day of tricksters, feel free to play a few harmless pranks on your friends, family, and coven mates.  Here are thirteen ideas to get you thinking about how to pull one over on the magical and Pagan people in your life!

  1. Paste temporary labels on their magical herb bottles that say “eye of newt” and “hair of the dog.”  Or alternatively, labels that say “love potion” on all of their bottles of wine.
  2. Rearrange their magical library.
  3. Mail them a flyer for free cauldrons.
  4. If you own a pagan supply shop, post a sign that you’re all out of magic.
  5. Attach a wall of newspaper or cling wrap to entry of their altar space.
  6. Using sidewalk chalk, cover every inch of their driveway or front sidewalk with runes, pentacles, and other magical symbols.
  7. Fill their car from floor to ceiling with flowers or plants.
  8. Consistently and comically mispronounce common Pagan terms like athame or deosil.
  9. If performing a ritual on the 1st, place a little food coloring at the bottom of the ritual chalice before the people setting up the space pour the ritual ale.  The person blessing the cup will be in for a surprise.
  10. Play The Craft or episodes of Charmed on a loop on their TV.
  11. Buy them large trick candles (you know, the kind that can’t be blown out).  If you have access to their supplies, hide a few in their storage boxes to keep the trick going all year long.
  12. Replace their ritual garb with a princess Halloween costume.
  13. Cover all of the trees in their back yard with glittery ornaments and Christmas lights.  Blame this one on the fairies.

© Ariadne Woods


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