Witch Crafting

Witch crafting, otherwise known as practical witchcraft, is the fusion of magical and mundane activities.  In essence, it’s having a spiritual hobby.  Whether you enjoy making cookies or quilting or bath salt blending, you can combine the happy and fulfilling feeling of doing something you love with your Pagan practice or Witchcraft. For any practitioner looking to bring their spirituality into their everyday life, I highly recommend that you consider adding a craft to your practice if you haven’t already.  You’ll find that your creations will come from your spirit and that your connection to the Goddess will strengthen with every project.

When it comes to pursuing these arts, some practitioners like to do their hobbies in sacred space.  Practical craft is a form of the magical arts and thus some practitioners feel the need to have a circle of protection around them.  If you feel called to write a ritual to cast a circle before knitting or cooking, go ahead.  I find having a set ritual to call sacred space works really well for some things–like blog writing–and really poorly for other things–like gardening.  Just go with your gut.  If you need to be in sacred space, be in sacred space.  If not, don’t worry about it.

I just want to note, this is such a broad subject, and this blog post is just an overview to get my Pagan readers thinking about the endless possibilities when it comes to practical witchcraft. So let’s dive in.

Gardening, at least to me, is the creme de la creme of practical craft.  It just connects the Witch to the Earth and the natural world in such a primal and powerful way.  People think that you need a ton of space to have a great magical garden, but I have to firmly disagree.  I haven’t really every had access to large tracks of land (or really any amount of land), but I have gotten amazing spiritual and magical benefits by faithfully cultivating some lovely houseplants.  For anyone interested in magical gardening, check out Ellen Dugan’s books Garden Witchery and Garden Witch’s Herbal.

Cooking, otherwise known as kitchen witchery, is another super popular form of magical crafting.  Basically, the practitioner just infuses specific energy into recipes.  Scott Cunningham talks extensively on this subject in Wicca in the Kitchen, as do most books on hedge magic and home witchery.

Kind of a cousin to kitchen witchery, magical herbalism combines the spiritual connection to Mother Earth with the medicinal properties of herbs.  This can range from making a few teas blends to becoming a full on certified medical practitioner.  Incense making also falls in this category, as does related arts like sachet and potpourri making.  For anyone vaguely interested in this subject, Natural Health School gives a wonderful and free introduction course to herbalism that will not only boost your knowledge, but also give you the background to call bullshit on some other herbal resources you may encounter.

Aromatherapy and work with essential oils is another amazing crafting skill to pick up.  You can make perfume oil, room and linen spray, and diffuser blends which can be used to combine magical and mundane purposes.  Scott Cunningham has written two books on magic and essential oils, The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews and Magical Aromatherapy, and Flora Peterson a.k.a Youtube’s CharmingPixieFlora has also written on the subject in Flora’s Fragrances.

Knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, cross-stitch, and sewing can be excellent forms of magical crafting.  I especially find that knitting can be an effective form of protection magic.  I have yet to find a really good book on fabric and yarn practical craft, so anyone who has read one please comment with the title and author information.

Candle making is another good form of magical crafting since most Witches use candles as a primary magical and spiritual tool. This is one art I would recommend that you take a how-to class offered by a local craft store before you start doing this hobby regularly. There are a lot of little tips and tricks that make candle-making so much easier that I’ve never found in how-to books that can be learned in the classroom.

For all you gemstone and metal loving Witches, take up jewelry making.  This can be a bit of an expensive hobby, but can produce some amazing results.  Again, have yet to find a book on the subject connecting jewelry making to witchcraft, and I highly recommend taking a class to learn basic and advanced jewelry making techniques.

Masonry and woodcarving are great options for patient, Earth centered practitioners.  Think of the magical possibilities: wands, statuary, runes, etc.  Anyone super interested in both skills needs to take a course from a certified mason or carpenter to safely pursue these arts.

Any form of the performing and visual arts can be infused with magical intentions.  Recently, a Pagan artist friend of mine started working on a huge art installation piece.  He said that since starting this project his connection to the Goddess has been incredible.  For us less talented individuals, spirit dancing and painting are two great options.

Of course, writing is a form of practical craft that is good to share with others.  Clearly as an active Pagan blogger, I’m quite fond of this particular one.  It’s a magical craft that encourages collaboration from other practitioners and can it be really rewarding to share one’s practice.  Anyone interested in starting a Pagan blog or writing a magical book, feel free to email me for advice!

Honestly, the possibilities for practical witchcraft are endless.  Find something that calls to you and pursue it with an open spirit.

© Ariadne Woods


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