Rethinking Ritual Tools

Tools aren’t a necessity to practicing Witchcraft or worshiping the God and Goddess, but they have an undeniable draw to most practitioners.  They can focus personal practice and create a Witch-y atmosphere.  Traditional tools can be pretty pricey, but I’ve found that my athame was totally worth the money.  Objects used in Pagan practice can be found in every hardware and mega store.  Witches and Pagans are adaptable and can use whatever we find best suits our needs.  So perhaps it’s time we stop thinking that traditional Pagan tools are the best options for every practice.  So here are a couple of alternative options and examples for all you fabulous Witches and Pagans out there looking to try something new.


  • Reed Diffusers:  This is what I used in college because I couldn’t burn anything.  They come in a bunch of nice scents and bottles.
  • Oil Diffusers: You can find a couple of different varieties of oil diffusers (electric, candle, etc.).  I use an oil diffuser instead of incense often in the mundane spaces of my home, especially when I’m feeling under the weather.
  • Potpourri: Easy to make or to buy.

Goddess and God Representations

  • Candles: An easy method especially for Pagans on a budget.  Some popular color choices (but by no means your only options) are white/gold/red for the God and black/silver/green for the Goddess.
  • Things From Nature: Pick things up on your walks and travels.  Shells are popular Goddess depictions, and acorns and horns are representative of the God.  You can use leaves, stones, flowers, whatever you like!

Athame or Boline

  • Kitchen Scissors or Hedge Clippers: If you’re a Green or kitchen witch, chances are these common tools might be more useful to you than the standard athame.


  • Mugs: For tea and coffee, the most common potions of all.
  • Vases: A gift of flowers can be the nicest magic for the ones you love as well as for yourself.
  • Bird Baths and Garden Bowls:  Not only are they nice additions to outdoor spaces, but these can be amazing scrying and moon gazing tools.

Divination Tools

  • Playing Cards: Much cheaper than tarot, practitioners can assign value to the different suits and numbers.
  • Coins: For simple yes and no answers.
  • A Playlist: I got this idea from an inspired Tumblr post (sorry, I can’t find it again to share it). For someone interested in working with the symbolism of the Major Arcana, make a playlist with a song representing each of the messages of the cards.  For example, you can use “And I Will Walk [500 Miles]” by the Proclaimers to represent the Fool, “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals for the Magician, etc.  When you want an answer to a question, just press shuffle on your iPod and see what you get.

I encourage readers to comment and share their tool ideas!

© Ariadne Woods


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