Beltane Decorations

How many Witches and Pagans decorate their homes for Samhain?  Probably most of us.  But how many of us decorate the home for Beltane, which is an en par holiday?  Probably not as many people.  All the fabulous Pagans and Witches out there, let’s start changing that and start bringing the season into our homes.  Here are a few themes and suggestions to consider.

Indoor Spaces

  • Candles: Popular colors for this season are white, yellow, pink, green, purple, and other colors you see in nature.  Some scent choices you could enjoy include rose, jasmine, lavender, gardenia, fresh-cut grass, and lilac.
  • Fresh-Cut Flowers: This is the perfect time of year to treat yourself or someone special in your life to a lovely bouquet.  If you are interested in starting an indoor garden, houseplants are also plentiful this time of year.
  • Copper, Gold, Silver, and Mercury Glass Accessories: Shiny things tend to honor and attract the fae, who are active and present this time of year.  I know copper and mercury have both been super trendy lately, and I’ve found some cheap but nice pieces at Target.
  • Anything Involving Trees and Leaves: Throw pillows, wall art, jewelery displays.  This time of year, you can find tree things everywhere.
  • Couple Statuary: As this is the time of year in which the Goddess and God come together, find and display images of happy couples throughout your home.

Outdoor Spaces

  • Wreathes: I’m a big fan of pussy-willow or colorful branch wreathes this time of year.
  • Christmas Lights and Outdoor Lanterns:  There are so many great options in terms of outdoor lighting.  Wrap strings of lights on branches and decks, and place hand lanterns all over the place.
  • Fairy Spaces: You can find little fairy homes online and at novelty shops.
  • Wind Chimes: Little ones with a soft ring are one way to encourage nature spirits on your property to bring growth and prosperity into your garden.
  • Planters: Even if you have an itty, bitty deck, a planter garden is an easy way to work with plants.  You can put together a mini culinary container garden with chives, basil, and parsley; a magical one color-themed to a particular deity; or a flowering one with pansies, inpatients, sweet potato vine, and petunias.

© Ariadne Woods


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