A Big Ol’ Thanks, Readers

HI lovely readers,

This weekend, Cauldron and Brew reached a huge milestone: it’s 500th subscriber!  I am deeply thankful to all of my readers, long term subscribers and newbies alike.  You have stood by me through two university degrees, four moves, a couple huge spirituality shifts, a four month sabbatical, and one really bad break up.  Your likes, comments, emails, shares, and support mean so much to me.  So pat yourself on the back (go on, you know you want to) and keep being awesome!

In the coming months, look for some brand new content.  I’ve been studying up on and experimenting with herbs and oils, so be on the look out for way more incense and oil blend recipes.  They’ll be more posts on sabat activities as well as esbat celebrations, especially Litha and Lughnasadh.  And recently I have begun working with a circle of awesome Pagans and Witches in my area, so as I transition from a primarily solitary witch to a social witch expect some circle-related posts as well.

Also, I am announcing a call for guest writers.  I’ve realized that my content has been largely limited to my interests, so I want to expand the content to give my readers the richest information on a wide variety of topics.  So if you have experience with stones, community organizing, any Recon path, Pagan parenting, or any other topic that I have yet to cover, shoot me an email with a writing sample and a short bio about yourself.

So thanks again and happy reading!

Bright blessings,


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