Witch Tips: Being a Public Pagan

So you have been a Pagan for a few years and its time for you to live your practice all day every day.  Huzzah!  Time to break out the “My Other Car is a Broom” bumper stickers.  Okay maybe not, but being a public Pagan is a highly personal decision that should be celebrated.  Seriously, there should be greeting cards for this moment.

So here are a few ideas and suggestions to make your public Pagan life easier and happier.

  • Develop an Elevator Speech: This technique explains a concept in vibrant, descriptive language to the general public and will be essential in communicating the concept of Paganism to your non-Pagan friends and coworkers.  For example, “Paganism is an earth-based religion that celebrates the seasons and the duality of the universe.”  See, its highly descriptive and gets to the point quickly.
  • Offer Services Within Your Skill Set: One of the best parts of being a Witch is that you will develop some skills that transfer to the non-Pagan community.  For some people it’s aromatherapy.  Others Reiki.  And still others it’s space clearing or tarot or astrology.  So if you have a skill, offer it to friends, family, and acquaintances!  Your skills will get so much better, and you’ll be helping your community.
  • Attend Public Rituals and Classes:  Even if you are like me and you identify as a solitary practitioner most of the time, it is so nice to circle with other Pagans and to make new friends.  A few months ago I got involved with the Pagan community in Boston through Cornucopia Collective, and not only have I made some fabulous new friends but my practice has gotten deeper and more fulfilling.  If you feel called to start a Pagan group in your area, then do it!
  • Take to the Internet: Start a blog, Tumblr account, or Youtube channel about your unique practice.
  • You Don’t Need to Tell Everyone Even If You’re Out: I realize this point is a wee bit antithesis to the rest of the article, but hear me out.  Most witches’ identities isn’t entirely being Pagan, Wiccan, or a Witch.  We have work, school, family, friends, yoga buddies, fellow Service members, PTA parents, etc.  Depending on the people in your life, you may decide not to be forward with your Pagan identity to every group of people.  For example, the only person in my family who knows I am Pagan is my sister and that’s exactly how I want it.  From my perspective, it isn’t hiding or lying but rather it’s a balance between the love and the prejudices of the individuals involved.  The key is to be okay with who knows and who doesn’t know about your beliefs.  For example, I know my mother would flip out if she found out about my Pagan beliefs.  So because I love my mother and it would cause way more harm than good, she doesn’t know.  And I’m okay with that.

Lovely readers, if you have further tips please share them in the comments.  Pagans in the Boston/Cambridge area please check out Cornucopia Collective (seriously these people are great).

© Ariadne Woods

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