Three Simple Samhain Rituals

I don’t know about everyone else, but this Halloween/Samhain season is insane.  I’m starting a new job, been invited to a couple of costume parties, and am helping with some local Samhain events.  Oi.  Making time for personal practice is going to be rough.


Even when shit gets busy, it is so important to make time for the spiritual.  There will always be a reason to be busy: work, school, partner, kids, coven, hobbies, PTA, mothers-in-law, etc.  The point of a religious, Pagan, spiritual, whatever-you-call-it practice is that it causes you to pause and do something for yourself.  Whatever else is going on in your life, your practice will be there for you to lift you up and sustain your spirit.

To me Samhain is the ultimate introspective holiday.  It’s all about evaluation and reverence.  The ancestors are remembered, the last harvest is collected, and Witches and Pagans take stock of the year.  So in this busy, busy weekend, turn inward in the way that feels right for you.  To get you inspired here are three easy rituals that will be easy to incorporate into your day.

Five Minute Candle Ritual: This ritual is perfect if you have a busy day of trick or treating and Halloween parties.  Gather a candle and a lighter.  You could even use your jack-o-lantern! Feel free to pick a fall scent like patchouli or sage.  Take five minutes (set a timer if you have to) to reflect on this spiritual year.  What goals did you set and achieve?  What deity or spirit guide connections did you make?  Generally, how was this year?  When you’re ready to let all of that go and start afresh, light the candle.

Dumb Supper: So you have to eat, right?  Why not invite your ancestors to join you.  Make up another place at your dinner table and another plate of food.  Place the food at the empty spot with a name cards of your beloved dead, may they be human or animal.  Ask all other participants to keep silent during the meal and listen for messages from your ancestors.  Compost the ancestor’s meal when you are finished eating.

Apple Ritual: I got this one from Starhawk et al.’s fabulous book, Circle Round.  Apples are the traditional symbol connected to this season.  If you have kids, read them the “Grandfather Dear” story before you begin.  To perform this ritual, find a perfect apple. Go outside to a special place on your property or in a community park if you live in an apartment with no land.  Infuse the apple with a wish or an intention.  Set it out and leave the apple.  It is done.

Whatever ritual you choose to perform, create one that is meaningful for you and allows you to really step back and evaluate the year.  Be mindful of the Goddess, the God, and your own spirit.

© Ariadne Woods


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