Magical Herbs for Fall and Winter

At least in New England, it is boots and overcoats weather as the last of the leaves fall on the sidewalk.  Peppermint mochas have taken over pumpkin spice lattes.  The nights are lengthening, and the daylight is becoming more precious.  It’s the time of year to begin working with some seasonal plants and herbs in your magical practice.  Some of these can be found in your backyard or in the local park.  And the rest are easily obtained at the grocery store, at Mountain Rose Herbs, or local nursery.


There are a few themes that are powerfully reflected in the correspondences of these herbs: introspection, prosperity, protection, wealth, and sleep.  To me, these ideas make a lot of sense because of the waning of the sun and the reflective, restorative, thoughtful, grateful, and abundant currents of energy that flow this time of year.  It is also an amazing time of year to work on your shadows and to create more abundance in your life.  Use some of these herbs to call upon the Goddess in her protective mother form to watch over you as you deal with your shit.  Alternatively, work with some of these plants to get that raise or to retain that client.

Here are a few wonderful herbs to pull into your arsenal in the coming months:

  • Mugwort: Mugwort is the ultimate herb for introspection and dream work.  On a physiological level, this herb causes extremely lucid and vivid dreams (so if you suffer from PTSD or the like avoid taking this herb internally).
  • Ginger: Since everything cools and slows down this time of year, it’s good to have a passionate and fiery herb in your arsenal for times of need.  Ginger is also my go-to herb to add to spell work that needs to manifest as quickly as possible.
  • Acorns: All of the healing and protective power of oak trees.  One tiny cute little package.
  • Pine Cones: Another protective powerhouse.  It also is a big symbol of abundance and prosperity.
  • Orange: I use this fruit all of the time to connect with solar energy and to bring about wealth and good fortune.  And with daylight savings, a little extra solar energy is needed sometimes in the morning and evening.
  • Succulents: If you want to bring a little resilient energy in your life (perhaps after a long illness, a bad divorce, or in the middle of a big research paper), place a container of succulents in a sunny window.  Particularly I recommend cultivating these little gems if you suffer from seasonal depression.  They’ll inspire you to keep going even on your bad days.
  • Valerian Root: This popular sedative not only corresponds to sleep and rest, but also protection.  If you are going through a rough time, using this herb magically and medicinally (with doctor’s supervision) will help you find a safe space to relax and heal.

I encourage you, lovely readers, to experiment with these herbs and share your other magical herbs for this time of year!

© Ariadne Woods


5 thoughts on “Magical Herbs for Fall and Winter

  1. Thank you, Ariadne. This is a lovely and most helpful article as we delve more deeply into Autumn and then Winter! I’ll be sharing it with others whom I know will appreciate it as well. Blessings, Jamie

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