Witch Tips: When Sh*t Hits the Fan

So you’re going about your day, lalala, and BOOM! You get fired.  Or your grandfather dies.  Or the entire bottom of your car rusts out and falls off on I-93 and now you have a concussion, a broken leg, and no car.  Well, shit.  Now what?  Your emotions are all over the place and things literally might be falling apart.  Well, take a breathe my friend and use your witchy skills to heal and to move through this time in your life.

Obviously I am not a doctor, licensed therapist, or minister.  I’m just someone who has been through some tough times and feel called to offer some friendly, well-intentioned, and free advice.  So, you know, take some of this with a grain of salt.

  • Deal with the Immediate Crisis: Seriously.  Things can wait.  Communicate what’s going on to your boss and teachers, but then step away for a bit.  You might have a few busy days when things calm down, but that’s okay.
  • Keep Up Your Self Care Routines (And Consider One or Two More): Eat your veggies.  Drink a ton of water.  Meditate. Exercise.  Take all prescribed medications and supplements.  And when things calm down and if you’re having trouble adjusting, consider seeing your doctor.  There is nothing wrong with seeking counseling or taking medication while coming to terms with a loss, problem, or trauma.
  • Lean on Support: Humans are social creatures, even the most solitary of us.  Friends and family group together in bad times.  So reach out to those you love.  And on another level, call upon your guides, gods, and other spiritual relationships.  Let them guide you to a healthy and peaceful mindset.
  • Work Some Rituals: In some cases such as when a loved one dies, there are formalized procedures that assist in the grieving process.  When you lose a job or get dumped, you might not know how to get through the loss.  But you, lovely reader, know how to write and perform a ritual.  So put pen to paper, and do whatever magical work you feel you need to do, even if it’s months or years later.
  • Go Take a Walk: Or garden.  Or go swimming.  Just spend some time in nature.  It is a positive and constructive way to heal.
  • DO NOT Magnify the Crisis: When something bad happens to you, people tend to offer a lot of attention and support.  It can be a little addicting.  In fact, I have observed people extend personal problems out as long as possible in order to stay in the spotlight.  Sometimes this is a symptom of grief, sometimes an indicator of a larger problem.  If you find yourself engaging in this type of behavior, take time to work through this issue with a professional.
  • Practice Kindness: If there is one piece of wisdom I’d like you to take away from this post, it’s that you have to remember that getting back up after an illness or loss takes recovery time.  It might be a few days.  It might be a decade.  I’m not saying that you should dwell on it, in fact the exact opposite.  Connect to your spirit and allow yourself to feel what you need to feel in the immediate days after whatever crisis it is.  Follow your own natural grief process, and you’ll find that with a little patience, you will in fact heal.

© Ariadne Woods


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