Three Imbolc Rituals

Imbolc is one of my favorite Pagan festivals.  It is all about preparing for spring and for new possibilities.  This time of year, you will notice that the days are getting longer and while it is still cold everything is beautiful and snow covered.


The deity associated with Imbolc is Brigid, the Celtic goddess of of inspiration, wells, the sacred flame, and healing.  She is the patron deity of smiths and craftsmen as well as the protector of women and children.  Brigid was so popular with the Celts that she was assimilated into the Catholic St. Brigid.  To celebrate her, you can incorporate Brigid’s aspects into your ritual.

Along with the goddess Brigid, Imbolc is the time of the year where you can begin making plans and creating dreams.  If you want to plan a vacation or start a business, it is absolutely the perfect time of year to start looking up flights and designing a logo.

If you are planning a solitary ritual for Imbolc this year, here are a couple of ideas to help in your ritual planning.

Blessing the Waters

One aspect of the Goddess Brigid is that she is the guardian of wells.  At this time of year you can call upon this connection to water to help heal and repair the Earth.  Collect water from a couple of places that are sacred to you.  Examples include waters from the lake next to your summer home, the faucet in your kitchen, and the stream by your favorite running path.  Pour all of the waters into a glass bowl and ground and center.  Send healing energy into the bowl to raise the energetic vibration of the water. Pour the blessed water into your garden, a favorite body of water, or a local park to send that healing energy back to the earth.

You can also keep a small bottle of this blessed water for yourself to put into a bath when you need a little healing.

Home Blessing

At this time of year, people spend a lot of time at home.  Why not make it the best of all possible spaces?  To begin, clean your house, organize messy spaces, and donate unwanted items to a thrift shop (clearly you can do this over a couple of days).  If you have the money, replace any item in your home that you don’t absolutely love and make house repairs if need be.  Also if you incorporate space clearing into your practice, perform any of those rituals and techniques. When your home is the way you like it to be, place a white candle in the middle of every room.  In each room, imagine all of the blessings you want to infuse into that space.  For example, you might want to bring rest and healing into your bedroom, prosperity and hospitality into your kitchen, and creativity and abundance into a home office.  When you are ready, light the candle and move into the next room.  Let all of the candles burn out and enjoy your home.

Flame of Inspiration

Everyone is creative, so let Brigid help you get your creative juices flowing.  To prepare for this ritual, gather together a cauldron, a piece of paper, a pen, a couple of long-stemmed matches, and a bunch of candles.  Write down every negative thoughts you have about being a creative person.  Examples include self talk like “I can’t draw” and “Creativity doesn’t come easily to me.”  Get all of that off of your chest and onto that piece of paper.  When you are ready, put your list into the cauldron and burn it.  As the fire consumes the list–thus releasing those blocks–use that fire to light a match.  Use that match to light each of the candles while saying a positive statement such as “I am a creative problem solver” and “I love to write.”  Let the momentum of those positive statements generate new ideas and projects.

© Ariadne Woods


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