Favorite Shops and Pagan Supplies

So like everyone else, I am putting together my W-2s and whatnot to prepare my taxes.  And it looks like I’m getting a little rebate (in theory, my accountant needs to look at my paperwork).  And while I am definitely putting part of that money away for a rainy day, I will use about $100 to treat myself to something special.  So I have been looking at some new products at my favorite shops.
Which got my thinking, lovely reader, why not share some of my favorite shops with y’all?

Now to be clear, I am not making any money by endorsing these shops and products.  I’m just talking about the tools that I have found useful for my spiritual practice.
1. Healing Touch Pottery: I found these mugs while shopping with my mom.  Ohh. My. Goddess.  Not only are these GORGEOUS, but are created with reiki energy.  And they have a gemstone embedded in the handle.  I have one with an amethyst that I use daily and am saving up for one with a citrine to take to work.
2. The Magic Is In You: I have been buying from this shop for years.  The tumbled stones from this shop are always beautiful specimens, and I usually wear one or more of the 8mm mala/healing bracelets daily. I have even had some custom bracelets made from this shop.  Yes, I know this is a tool I could make myself, but these beads are a much better quality than I have been able to find.  Also I am not someone who is an expert on gemstones, and if I want to try working with a new stone I know the quality of these tumbled stones is a good example of that type of stone’s energy.
3. New England Magic: If you are ever in Massachusetts, this shop is Salem’s best kept secret.  It’s no where near where I live in New England, but I try to make it to this place twice a year to stock up on some of their candles and whatnot.  The products they carry are unique, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly.  Most importantly (to me anyway) is their book selection; they carry so many hard to find and unique books.  Seriously, bibliophiles, bring a ton of money when you visit this place.
4. Statuary: So I have what my friend Shelley calls “statueitis.”  I own A LOT of statues.  In reality, that’s where my tax money will mostly likely go.  But I don’t get my statuary from one source.  Largely, I get them from Amazon because it’s the cheapest.  I have purchased one or two from 13moons.com.  But my absolute favorite place to look is Willow Tree which you can find at the Hallmark.  These statues are not billed as goddesses, so you will need to use a little creative thinking to interpret these figures (for example, Maiden, Mother, Crone).  I like that they are simple and elegant.
5.  Crystal Journey Candles:  Largely for candles I use white tea lights or pillars you can buy at CVS or the grocery store.  But if I want something a little more special, I pick up one of these soy votive holders.
© Ariadne Woods

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