Witch Tips Special Goddess Series: Mother

This is the second of a four part series with tips and tricks to connect to all of the aspects of the Triple/Four-Part Goddess. To read about connecting to the Maiden goddess, click here.

Venus of Willendorf, an early depiction of the Mother Goddess
The Mother Goddess is the Goddess at the peak of her power.  She is Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the Creatrix. Continue reading


Why I Charge

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve begun charging for some of my services.  I have started at Etsy shop with the same name as this blog.  I am offering some readings as well as digital materials including my new ebook, Little Book of Herbs.  I know some people find this incredibly controversial, so I want to share my rationale with you, lovely readers.


I think there is a big differences between selling spiritual services and selling spiritual goods. Continue reading

I Wrote a Book!

Happy Solstice all!

This morning I am happy to announce that this morning my first ever ebook, Little Book of Herbs, is available on Etsy for purchase.  I am ridiculously excited to share this project with you and am feeling incredibly grateful for the Goddess’s inspiration for this project.

To buy this book, please click on the picture below.


This ebook is all about incorporating herbs into your everyday life and in your magical practice. Continue reading

Goddess Inspired Face Mask

Source: http://dewfaced.com/face-mask-for-whiteheads/

For the past couple of years, beauty and self care have been ridiculously popular especially products and recipes made from natural ingredients. Just the other day, I walked into my aunt’s kitchen to find my teenage cousin mashing up an avocado for a face mask.  Trust me, the kid has zero interest in cooking or health food, but she was so enthusiastic to work with the things around her house to make her feel more beautiful. I have to chuckle Continue reading