Announcing: Cauldron and Brew on Etsy

Good morning!

Come one, come all! I am now offering tarot and oracle readings and a few digital products on Etsy! Please click the C&B logo to check it out!


My goal is to provide insight and guidance to as many people as possible at reasonable prices.  Everyone deserves to have access to advice from the Goddess.  For several years now, I have felt called to be the conduit between the Goddess and seekers, and now seems like the perfect time to offer it.

In the future, I also plan to offer herbal and food products on this shop!  As I am moving in a few weeks, it is not quite the right time for that.  But in the next few months, I will be adding herbal teas, hand cream, and baking mixes to the shop.

Loyal readers, if you have any advice please feel free to reach out!

Thanks lovely readers for all your support!

Bright blessings,


© Ariadne Woods


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