I Wrote a Book!

Happy Solstice all!

This morning I am happy to announce that this morning my first ever ebook, Little Book of Herbs, is available on Etsy for purchase.  I am ridiculously excited to share this project with you and am feeling incredibly grateful for the Goddess’s inspiration for this project.

To buy this book, please click on the picture below.


This ebook is all about incorporating herbs into your everyday life and in your magical practice.  I talk about basic techniques, making herbal teas and tinctures, making herbal cocktails, working with essential oils, starting and maintaining a daily routine with herbs, and using herbs in your spellwork and spiritual practice.  Some of the recipes have been shared on C&B, but a lot of them come from my own practice that I have never shared before.

I am selling this book for $25.  Just for you, lovely readers, I am offering a 10% discount coupon with the code HERBSROCK.

Lovely readers, I want to thank you for all your support over the years. Y’all are the best!

Bright blessings,


© Ariadne Woods


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