Witch Tips Special Goddess Series: Mother

This is the second of a four part series with tips and tricks to connect to all of the aspects of the Triple/Four-Part Goddess. To read about connecting to the Maiden goddess, click here.

Venus of Willendorf, an early depiction of the Mother Goddess
The Mother Goddess is the Goddess at the peak of her power.  She is Mother Nature, Mother Earth, and the Creatrix.  She is the source of all life and all creation.  The full moon is her symbol.  In classical mythology, She is Gaia, Demeter, and Parvati.

To connect to this aspect of the Goddess, consider doing activities that make you feel creative and abundant. Another method is to work with your relationships as a caretaker or as someone with a relationship with a mother. Here are a few examples to really connect to Her:

  • Write a Poem, Knit a Scarf, Cook Dinner, etc.: Make something and share it with the world.  When you create something, you are in Her divine flow. Find a creative activity that you love to do and work with it.
  • Take Soup to a Sick Friend: All of us need mothering at times.  When you have a friend or family member in need, step up and give them a hand.
  • Call Your Mom: No one’s relationship with their mother is perfect.  In fact I would argue that it is the most complicated relationship you have.  But it your relationship with your mom isn’t destructive or abusive, then try to cultivate it a little.  The Mother Goddess thought she would be the perfect vessel to bring you in the world.  Trust that your mom is a lesson straight from the Goddess.
  • Plant a Garden or Keep a Houseplant Alive: You don’t have kids to learn how to sustain and care for life.  Even if you are a serial plant killer, succulents and jade plants are super easy to keep alive.
  • Start a Baby Box: If you are a parent-to-be or plan to have kids someday, consider setting aside a few baby blankets and onesies for the future.  You know, so you’re preparing for the day you meet your kids.
  • Work on Being a Better Parent: If you already have kids, consider upping your parenting game.  Read parenting books or blogs.  Take a class.  Join a support group.
  • Start a Business or Organization: Even if it is a part time gig, turn a passion or hobby into something you can grow and cultivate. Whether you make kickass hand cream and want to sell it at craft fairs or want to start a coven, work your magic to improve your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Give to Charity: When you are in a position to give back, pass on the fruits of your labor to causes you believe in.

© Ariadne Woods


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