Witch Tips Special Series: Connecting to the Queen

This is the third of a four part series with tips and tricks to connect to all of the aspects of the Triple/Four-Part Goddess.


While the majority of Pagans worship the Triple Goddess, a growing number of practitioners honor the Goddess in her aspect as Queen.  The Queen refers to all aspects of the Goddess that do not fit into the role of Maiden, Mother, or Crone.  She is the Queen of Heaven.  She is any Goddess that rules by her own right.  She is Inanna, Hathor, Brigid, and Morgan le Fey.  Her color is purple and her symbol is the crown.

Typically she is a woman in the stage of life after her children are grown and before she crones or reaches retirement. Of course, the Queen Goddess is also an aspect of many other Goddesses who also fit into the roles of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone Goddess: Isis, Yemaya, Demeter, etc.  It is a stage of life that is fluid and a role that can be taken on at any time.  Think of those badass women in your office who are taking names at work and also raising a happy, well adjusted family.  That, lovely readers, is the Mother Goddess and the Queen Goddess at work.

I strongly believe that the Goddess in her Queen aspect resides in every woman and man.  Connecting to her provides so much inspiration and a serious confidence boost.  To help you on your way to connecting to the Queen Goddess, feel free to use any of these tips:

  • Read Biographies of Queens and Inspirational Women: A couple of suggestions include Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth I, Cleopatra, Maya Angelou, and Mother Teresa.
  • Buy a Crown: Or a scarf.  Or a pair or earrings.  Empower them in ritual to make you feel like you are at the peak of your power.  Wear them often, especially to meetings and appointments in which you need a little extra courage.
  • Don’t Take Shit: One of the best parts of the goddess as Queen is that she doesn’t take it from anyone.  Learning to stand up for yourself and for what is right is peak royalty.  This is admittedly a tough one.  It is hard to stand up to your boss or mother when they are wrong. I admit it; I am not always that best at saying what I mean in the moment and standing up for myself and for what I believe.  But conviction is a muscle that needs to be developed.  So beginworking it by speaking up on little things like when the barista gets your order wrong or if you don’t like your new haircut.  In time, it will be part of your nature to be that in your power.
  • Do Something that Feeds Your Confidence: When you feel good, you do good.  For me, I feel so much more confident when I blow dry and straighten my hair.  Yes, I look cute when it is in a messy bun or a little wavy.  But I don’t feel like myself, and how can I be my best self in my Queen like power if I don’t feel it?  This small simple act that boosts your confidence can be anything: doing your nails, working on a creative project that fuels you, brewing a cup of coffee and enjoying it while watching the sun rise, making a successful three point turn on your way to work, whatever.  Find what that thing is and do it.  Daily.
  • Hold a Yearly Queen Ritual: I usually do mine for the June Full Moon, but you can do this at any point of the year.  I strongly suggest writing this ritual yourself to make sure it is supremely coming from your place of power.  The goal is to get you in your full power by calling on the power of the Goddess as Queen.  If you want to do this ritual as a group, that can be just as inspiring watching yourself and your friends come into your power at the same time.

For anyone else who works with the Queen Goddess, if you have a tip on how to connect to her please leave it in the comments below.

© Ariadne Woods



One thought on “Witch Tips Special Series: Connecting to the Queen

  1. I have definitely worked with Queen energies! Especially if I marry it to my intention. For example, there are days/rituals where I decide I’m the Queen of Love, Queen of Shadow, Queen of Power, Queen of Sex, etc.

    I love the idea of incorporating the Queen as an aspect of the Goddess. I made the decision a long time ago to not have children, so this “Queen” energy is much more in alignment for me than “Mother.”

    Beautiful ideas and thank you for sharing!

    -Michelle Kildare

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