Witch Tips: Using Weather in Magic

When preparing magical workings, we Witches and Pagans tend to look cosmically to make sure we are working with the right energies.  We figure out the phase of the Moon and consider if it is Void of Course and what astrological house the Moon is in.  And while we are at it, we check to make sure Mercury isn’t in Retrograde.  But how often do we look at the conditions a little closer to home?


Using the current weather conditions in magical workings can be a powerful amplifier to your personal energies and the energies behind your magic.  The weather is also stupid simple to use.  All you need to do is to call in the weather as you would call in the elements.  Alternately, you can do your working outside so you can feel the wind and the rain on your skin and connect to the weather organically.

While not an exhaustive list of properties and weather patterns, here are a few examples of how to effectively use the weather in your magic.

Wind: Wind is, of course, associated with the element of air.  Therefore a particularly windy day is good for any creative project or mental endeavor (such as applying for college).  It is also quite good for banishing, or in this case blowing, energies and situations from your path particularly if the Moon is Waning.

Sun: Ever wonder why on blazing sunny in the summer tempers and passions flare?  As one might expect, sunny days are good for tapping into the element of fire and its associations: transformation, healing, sex, anger, etc.  You can also use the Sun’s daily cycle in the same way you use the Moon’s monthly cycle: sunrise is New, midmorning is Waxing, noon or midday is Full, midafternoon is Waning, and sunset is Dark.

Clouds: My favorite way to use clouds and magic is in divination.  Yes, I am talking about sitting outside somewhere and finding shapes in the clouds! Next time you are sitting outside, set an intention and look up.  Just relax and see what happens.

Rain: Rain is one of the easiest weather patterns to work with magically.  It is a cleanser and healer that packs a serious punch.  All you need to do is walk outside without an umbrella to receive its benefits.  I’ve also left objects outside on rainy days to be cleansed.

Heat: See sun.  Also, a hot day is a very auspicious day for fire magic.

Cold: In my experience, cold days have a similar quality to them as earth magic.  You know, slow and steady like a snail.  Good for any long term projects and for new beginnings.

Fog: Fog can be used in protection work to obscure your intentions or belongings. Conversely, lifting fog is great for getting answers to questions.

Snow: I’ve found snow to be a gentler version of rain in terms of energetic quality.  Good for cleansing and healing, but maybe at a slower pace.

Ice: A patch of ice can be a fun scrying mirror.  Also I’ve used icicles successfully in protection magic as well as healing magic.

Thunderstorms: A delightful combination of wind and rain’s properties plus the element of fire from the lightening.  Really good if you want something to manifest quickly.

Extreme Weather (Hurricanes, Nor’Easters, Tornados, etc.): Forget magic. Prioritize you and your loved ones safety.

© Ariadne Woods


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