Any Questions?

Hi Readers!

If you have any questions about Paganism, Wicca, or witchcraft, ask away!  The guidelines for questions are as followed:

  • State your question as the first sentence in the comment section.  Then feel free to elaborate as much as you want about yourself and your situation.
  • I do not give out spells.  More specifically, I WILL NOT TEACH YOU HOW TO CURSE YOUR EX BOYFRIEND. Or your boss.  Or the cop who just gave you a ticket.  Let’s trust in karma, people, and let the gods doll out the proper punishment.
  • All inappropriate contact, including anti-Pagan harassment and sexual propositions, will be ignored. Repeated contact will be reported to the police.
  • SPECIFICALLY FOR NEW WITCHES: First of all, mazel tov.  Second of all, the most common question in my inbox is “I am a new witch; help!”  If this is you, I need to know what you would like me to help you do.  Do you want book recommendations?  Do you want advice for telling the people in your life?  Give me a specific, concrete question and I will gladly help you.  For y’all who have no fucking clue what you want to ask me, read the page tabbed under “Any Questions?” specifically for new witches. Read and watch that information first, then ask me any lingering questions.  I will ignore any and all queries that clearly did not follow this policy.
  • All commercial and business entities, DO NOT use this tab to ask questions.  Use the contact information on my About page.


Also, questions may be used in future blog posts (kept anonymous of course).

Blessed be!




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