Harm None Revisited

So I wrote an article on the concept of Harm None in January 2013 called Define Harm in which I discuss the complexity of those two little words.  I was only two years into my practice and still in undergrad when I wrote that post.  A lot in my life has changed, so I decided to revisit the topic.

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To give a little background, the concept of harm none comes from the Wiccan Rede: “Eight words the Rede fulfill, if it harms none do as yee will.” Continue reading

Expectations and Happiness

So a few days ago I attended an e-class on intuition hosted by the Flora Sage Therapies Institute. I was so excited for two reasons: I had the day off so I could attend free of interruptions (my office is in a very public space) and it was free. The course advert also said there would be a special announcement just for people on the call. I assumed it was an announcement for a new program or something. Anywho, so I am in this class and the material is super good and I feel like I am learning some valuable things (example, clairsalience is a thing, who knew!).

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And then about halfway through the class Continue reading

Forms of Divination: Dowsing and Pendulums

Dowsing and pendulums are one of the many forms of divination arts.  According to my dictionary, dowsing is “a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences.” A more witchy definition is dowsing is the divination art of finding the answer to a question by channeling the divine and observing the movement of an object in the practitioner’s hands.  On the art of dowsing Robert Boyle, the Father of Chemistry, said in an essay published in 1633 that “those who have seen it may much more readily believe than those who have not.”

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This technique can be performed with two types of objects: dowsing rods and pendulums. Dowsing rods are two sticks or metal polls used to local objects and things in the Earth such as water, veins of metal, cable wires, etc.  Pendulums (pictured above) are any object hanging on a string to answer basic questions. Continue reading

Shadow Work

A lot of blogs and books discuss shadow work, but don’t actually tell you what it is.  What a tease!  It’s like telling someone about the wonders of chocolate, but not actually having any chocolate.  Well that’s just dumb.  So let’s talk about shadow work.

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Shadow work is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s the spiritual act of going inward, picking apart some of the less than pleasant aspects about your personality or your history or your views about yourself, and then putting yourself back together in a more authentic and wiser way.  Sometimes this happens in the context of a ritual or a shamanic experience.  Most of the time, shadow work happens quite naturally.  If you are the kind of person who is inclined to look inward in any capacity, then you are already doing shadow work.  The goal for shadow work is acceptance (of yourself, of your past, of your decisions, etc.) and transformation into the person you want to be. Continue reading

Breaking Tradition

Family means different things to different people.  For some, it is an unending source of comfort, love, and support.  For others, they are the people you like and love, but don’t necessarily need to see all the time.  For others unfortunately family can be a source of great stress and heartache.  And family does not have to be just the people you’re related to.  In some cases, the close-knit bond that some people feel for their family is felt through friendships.  Covenmates are often considered a second family to many Pagans and Witches.  And of course there is the family you create with a partner.

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Whoever your family is, I bet you have established some sort of routine or tradition or common action that has been passed down through your lineage or your history.  Traditions connect us to our past and establish a framework to plan the future,  Here are a few of mine from my blood and friend families:

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Favorite Shops and Pagan Supplies

So like everyone else, I am putting together my W-2s and whatnot to prepare my taxes.  And it looks like I’m getting a little rebate (in theory, my accountant needs to look at my paperwork).  And while I am definitely putting part of that money away for a rainy day, I will use about $100 to treat myself to something special.  So I have been looking at some new products at my favorite shops.
Which got my thinking, lovely reader, why not share some of my favorite shops with y’all?

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