My Pagan (ish) Playlist

Fun fact: I love music.  I love listening to anything from a concerto to a rock opera while going about my day.  I love going to live shows.  When I was young, I loved playing the oboe in my high school orchestra (and I wasn’t half bad if I do say so myself).  I especially love incorporating music into my rituals, workings, and Pagan prep work.


When I am thinking of using music for spiritual purposes, I have very loose criteria. Continue reading


13 Things I am Grateful For This Mabon

With Mabon in a few days and Thanksgiving in a few weeks, looking at your life and reflecting on what makes it awesome can be an uplifting spiritual practice.  We spend so much time running around and on the go that it is easy to forget what make life so special.

During this season I have spent a lot of time really looking at my life and allowing myself to feel a deep sense of appreciate for it.  The good, the bad, everything. Continue reading

Crystal Basics

Stones and crystals are mineral specimens that have specific magical, healing, or metaphysical properties.  The idea is that these stones resonate at a particular vibration.   By incorporating this stone into your home, your environment, or your spellwork, they boost your personal energies or shift for the better your energies or the energies in a space.


While most stones have an energy associated with it based on its mineral type, a key way to work with stones is to “feel them out.” Continue reading

Animal Signs

Like many Pagans, I look to nature for wisdom and guidance.  Sometimes it is as simple as the first orange leaf of fall reminding the world of the transition from summer to fall.  And sometimes the message is more personal.

I admit it.  This post was an excuse to look at pictures of otters hold hands!

Animal signs are messages from Mother Nature.   Continue reading