Working Witch: Balancing Work, Life, and a Spiritual Practice

A few days ago, one of my coworkers asked me to make a clickable PDF.  I agreed to take the task (even though I had no idea how to do that), looked up how to accomplish my goal, and turned her document into a clickable PDF.  The whole process took about a half an hour. When I returned the document back to my coworker, she responded to me by saying, “Oh my god I think you are a wizard.”

Not going to lie. I chuckled.


This is not the only time that coworkers of mine Continue reading

Witch Tips Special Goddess Series: Connecting to the Maiden

This is the first of a four part series with tips and tricks to connect to all of the aspects of the Triple/Four-Part Goddess.


The Maiden Goddess is the youngest aspect of the Goddess.  She is wild, young, unattached, excited, and carefree.  She is the Goddess of the wild, the flowers, and of the hunt.  The waxing moon is her symbol.  She represents all of life’s beginnings and possibilities.  In classical and mythological lore, the Goddesses Kore (Persephone) and Artemis correlate to this aspect. Continue reading

Witch Tips: When Sh*t Hits the Fan

So you’re going about your day, lalala, and BOOM! You get fired.  Or your grandfather dies.  Or the entire bottom of your car rusts out and falls off on I-93 and now you have a concussion, a broken leg, and no car.  Well, shit.  Now what?  Your emotions are all over the place and things literally might be falling apart.  Well, take a breathe my friend and use your witchy skills to heal and to move through this time in your life.

Obviously I am not a doctor, licensed therapist, or minister.  I’m just someone who has been through some tough times and feel called to offer some friendly, well-intentioned, and free advice.  So, you know, take some of this with a grain of salt. Continue reading

Witch Tips: Tarot Spreads

The tarot is an art form that respects tradition yet constantly keeps evolving.  Tarot spreads can be beautiful, complex, simple, and honest all at the same time.  For the novice, learning how to spread and interpret the cards can be aided in their placement in a particular situation.  For intermediate, advanced, and professional readers, spreads can be opportunities to connect to the questioner and the divine in a unique way. Continue reading

Witch Tips: Meditation

Meditation is incredibly popular across many religions and spiritual practices.  In the Pagan and Witch community, there is a strong correlation between mindfulness developed during meditation and several spiritual benefits: strong deity relationships, advanced psychic skills, more accurate spells, better ability to visualize, etc. Continue reading