Essential Oil Bug Spray

Happy Independence Day weekend!  If your holiday festivities are anything like mine, you have been spending a ton of time outdoors this weekend.  And as much as I love being in nature, I do not love bug bites.  With the rise of Lyme Disease and other bug carrying illnesses in the Northeast, it is imperative that you apply some sort of bug spray when you spent a ton of time outdoors.


Trouble is, commercial bug sprays are terrible for the environment and to human health. Continue reading

Why I Charge

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve begun charging for some of my services.  I have started at Etsy shop with the same name as this blog.  I am offering some readings as well as digital materials including my new ebook, Little Book of Herbs.  I know some people find this incredibly controversial, so I want to share my rationale with you, lovely readers.


I think there is a big differences between selling spiritual services and selling spiritual goods. Continue reading

I Wrote a Book!

Happy Solstice all!

This morning I am happy to announce that this morning my first ever ebook, Little Book of Herbs, is available on Etsy for purchase.  I am ridiculously excited to share this project with you and am feeling incredibly grateful for the Goddess’s inspiration for this project.

To buy this book, please click on the picture below.


This ebook is all about incorporating herbs into your everyday life and in your magical practice. Continue reading