A Time for Ritual

What does it actually mean to be in ritual?  Does it have to be a fantastical spectacle of candles and chanting and costumes?

Heathens. Stepanovskoye, 30 km from Moscow, Russia. September 24, 2005.

Of course not. Continue reading


Crystal Basics

Stones and crystals are mineral specimens that have specific magical, healing, or metaphysical properties.  The idea is that these stones resonate at a particular vibration.   By incorporating this stone into your home, your environment, or your spellwork, they boost your personal energies or shift for the better your energies or the energies in a space.


While most stones have an energy associated with it based on its mineral type, a key way to work with stones is to “feel them out.” Continue reading

Witch Tips: How to Be Supportive When Someone You Love Changes Religions

This week Doreen Virtue announced that she has converted to Christianity and is renouncing her Pagan beliefs.  This has been really hard on the Pagan community since she is such a public figure and her work has really helped a lot of people in our community.  As I have been reading comments on Twitter and Tumblr about this, it brought me back to my own conversion from apathetic Christianity to Paganism and how my family and friends reacted to it.  As most Pagans are converts from other religions, we may face a large amount of negativity and loss when we come out of the broom closet and change religions.


But it is not just Pagans.  I am of the age where friends are switching to their spouse’s faith because they want to raise kids in a particular way. Continue reading

Animal Signs

Like many Pagans, I look to nature for wisdom and guidance.  Sometimes it is as simple as the first orange leaf of fall reminding the world of the transition from summer to fall.  And sometimes the message is more personal.

I admit it.  This post was an excuse to look at pictures of otters hold hands!

Animal signs are messages from Mother Nature.   Continue reading

Social Media and the Pagan Community

Looking on social media these days, there seems to be a lot of expectations regarding what it means to be a Witch or a Pagan.  You have to be this boho Goddess, bitch who takes no prisoners, Anthropologie wearing, crystal and herb collection owning, jack of all trades.  The modern, Instagram savy Witch has three rituals a day, constantly is “present,” does a ton of spell work, is the top of their yoga class, meditates for two hours a day, and only buys vegan organic or Whole 30 food.


I am exhausted just writing that. Continue reading