The Great Pagan Divide

I straddle two worlds within the Pagan community.  One, the Pagan online community, is this bounty of creativity where I get to connect to so many people around the world (including you, lovely reader).  The other, my IRL Pagan community, is full of tradition and ceremony passed down from person to person for generations.  I love both of them.  They fulfill me in different ways. The online Pagan community, specifically the blogs I follow and Tumblr, inspires me to think in new ways and jump starts my creativity.  My physical community is there for me and provides structure to my days. For me, they compliment each other nicely and both help my grow as a woman, a Pagan, a Witch, and a person.

Lately I’ve noticed that I seem to be the only one know feels this way.  I have noticed a lot of ire in both camps regarding the other. Continue reading