Rethinking the Elements



Think about the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, etc.  What do you associate with these forces?  Any seasons, cardinal directions, colors, creatures, or attributes?  Do you have a special connection with any of them?  Do you even perceive Elements that are not listed?  Now, think about why you have these associations. Did you read about the correspondences in a book or article?  Did your mentor or coven give you this wisdom?  Or is it something you developed in your own practice?  Lastly, think about if you agree with these associations.  Have you moved or relocated since first establishing your relationships with the Elements, so they shifted cardinal directions?  Has your practice changed?  Or have you found that you don’t agree with an aspect anymore?

I encourage you to do this questioning every once in a while, especially if you move a lot or have had a serious change in your spiritual beliefs.  Things change, so even if you feel you have standing correspondences with the Elements it is good to reestablish and reconnect.

© Ariadne Woods


Witch Tips Special Edition: Fire

This is the third post in a series of five about connecting to the Elements.

Fire embodies our passions, our angers, and our desires.  It is generally associated with the color red and the direction South.  Deities with Fire aspects include Belenus, Pele, and Brigid.

  • Lay Out in the Sun:  Soak up some rays!  Allow the energy of the Sun to mingle with your own energies. Remember your sunscreen though!
  • Candles:  Buy them in fragrances you really enjoy and light them as you go about regular activities.  Make this a daily practice.
  • Dress Up:  Get in touch with the fire within, you passion for life.  On a day you don’t have anything special happening, put a little more effort than you normally do into your outfit.  I’m not saying wear a suit or a ball gown, but maybe iron your shirt or put on an extra piece of jewelry.  And go about your day with a little more confidence.
  • Build A Fire:  If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace or fire pit, regularly use it for enjoyment, ritual, and spellwork.  If you don’t, some national parks have designated spots for bonfires.  Always follow the ground’s guidelines and have a bucket of water nearby to put it out.  This may not be something you can do on a regular basis, so when you do make it special.
  • Add Some Spice to Your Food:  This is something you might want to refrain from if you have acid reflux, but it can be an easy method to incorporate into your meals. You can add hot sauce to your ketchup and dip fries in it.  Adding cumin and chili powder to meat dishes gives them more flavor as well as connecting you to fire.  If you are like me and have a meal plan, schools have a tendency to make food in cycles.  You can gauge your favorite spicy foods and look forward to them throughout the week.

© Ariadne Woods