A Back to School Blessing

May your pencils always be sharp and pens always have ink,

May you use every cell in your brain to learn and to think.

Whether its the first day of kindergarden or senior year of college,

Apply what you learn with wisdom and knowledge.

In hard times of finals, term papers, and spelling bees,

Call on Athena, Brigid, Thoth, and Saraswati.

May the Goddess bless you with A’s, new friends, and a new set of skills,

And the God protect you from F’s and snowy day fire drills.

Be kind to other students, especially when they need a little help,

And remember to take time to run, play, and yelp.

Persevere through courses you need to give boredom a shove,

Embrace and follow your passion to find purpose and something you love.

So get on that bus and head off to school,

And remember to follow one simple rule.

Work hard for success and prosperity,

And blessings will flow with happiness for thee.

© Ariadne Woods


First Day of School

Today was the first day of my senior year.  I feel weird just writing it.  I can’t have been four years since I decorated my first dorm room and now I have my first single!

My college years have been a bit rocky.  Both my parents lost their jobs, my best friend went crazy (not exaggerating), rooming with friends turned out to be an awful idea, a close relative died, and I developed a case of anxiety so bad that I am feeling crippling “aftershocks.”

But I’ve also lived in Europe, gone on my first real date, had a handful of hysterical nights with my friends, got my first (and second!) job, and, oh yeah, became a Witch.

So it’s not been all bad.

I did a reading with an oracle deck and they were lovely, positive cards.  In spite of my anxieties, I carry hope with me for the first time in a long time.

© Ariadne Woods