Crystal Basics

Stones and crystals are mineral specimens that have specific magical, healing, or metaphysical properties.  The idea is that these stones resonate at a particular vibration.   By incorporating this stone into your home, your environment, or your spellwork, they boost your personal energies or shift for the better your energies or the energies in a space.


While most stones have an energy associated with it based on its mineral type, a key way to work with stones is to “feel them out.” Continue reading


Five Essential Gems

Working with gemstones can strengthen spellwork and spiritual practice.  I know there are a lot of top-whatever lists, but here’s a few I’ve found to be helpful.

  1. Bloodstone: For an extra boost of strength, confidence, and courage.  I like to throw one in my pocket for class presentations.
  2. Chevron Amethyst: Power, clarity and spirituality.  All the best properties of clear quartz and amethyst (two other fabulous stones).
  3. Rose Quartz: Love, pure and simple.  Makes a fabulous gem elixir if distilled on a Friday.
  4. Obsidian: Protection.  My friends who work with spirits always use it during their workings.  I like it because it sucks all the negativity around me and creates a nice environment.
  5. One You Feel Called to Use: Everyone has their stone they LOVE.  Mine is lapis lazuli because it strengthens my creative centers, especially my work with words.  Other people are into citrine, tiger’s eye, the list goes on and on.

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