Harm None Revisited

So I wrote an article on the concept of Harm None in January 2013 called Define Harm in which I discuss the complexity of those two little words.  I was only two years into my practice and still in undergrad when I wrote that post.  A lot in my life has changed, so I decided to revisit the topic.

Source: http://www.infinite-beyond.com/an-additional-thought-on-harm-none/

To give a little background, the concept of harm none comes from the Wiccan Rede: “Eight words the Rede fulfill, if it harms none do as yee will.” Continue reading


Ant Ethics

About five weeks ago, I was doing the dishes, and I lifted a plate.  I kid you not, about a hundred ants scurried away from under the dish.  Ever sense, my kitchen has been infested with these little creatures.  They’re not hurting anything or getting into food, but they are definitely not welcome.

My “guests” have made me think.  Does “harm none” apply to ants?

I mean, I don’t go out of my way to kill them.  In fact if one is about to get into trouble, I’ve been trying to rescue them.  I can’t put out poison because I have cats and really find that unethical anyway.  But I would honestly prefer to NOT have them in my home.

Is there a way to not harm, yet drive these pests away?

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