Herbal Tea and Essential Oil Blends for Soothing and Calming Worry and Anxiety

Everyone to some extent suffers from worry and anxiety.  Sometimes it is perfectly natural, like when you are waiting to see if you got into college or if you are going to ask someone to marry you.  But for a lot of people, chronic worrying and anxiety is a chaotic and destabilizing part of everyday life.  I want to stress that anxiety and panic attacks are a real, honest to Goddess medical condition and that you are not alone.  40 million adults age 18 or older in the United States suffer from anxiety, including yours truly.  If you suspect that you suffer from this condition, please see a doctor or medical practitioner and implement a rigorous self care routine.

Source: http://theodysseyonline.com/csu-long-beach/poems-read-anxiety/207832

As part of my awesome anti-anxiety routine, I developed a tea to drink in the evenings and at times of high stress as well as an essential oil blend to carry with me and to wear as a perfume during times of high stress. Continue reading

Magical Herbs for Fall and Winter

At least in New England, it is boots and overcoats weather as the last of the leaves fall on the sidewalk.  Peppermint mochas have taken over pumpkin spice lattes.  The nights are lengthening, and the daylight is becoming more precious.  It’s the time of year to begin working with some seasonal plants and herbs in your magical practice.  Some of these can be found in your backyard or in the local park.  And the rest are easily obtained at the grocery store, at Mountain Rose Herbs, or local nursery.

Source: http://stillblog.net/pine-cone-galaxy/
Source: http://stillblog.net/pine-cone-galaxy/

There are a few themes that are powerfully reflected in the correspondences of these herbs Continue reading

Simple Herbal Tea Blend for Good Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

So a few months ago, I bulk ordered herbal tea bags from Traditional Medicinal.  And by bulk I mean it was a buy-a-box-get-a-box sale, so I ended up with like 36 boxes of tea bags. I bought a wide variety, but after I got sick of drinking simple nettle and peppermint teas.  So I borrowed a teapot from my mother and started making large pots of herbal tea.  This one has become my favorite for its health benefits and magical correspondences. Continue reading

Tea of the Day

Ages and ages ago when I began my magical practice, I came across an article called “Magic, Seven Days a Week.”  The gist of it is to help the reader attune to the days of the week vis a vis their many correspondences.  It’s one of my favorite articles because it explains how simple it is to incorporate little things to make you more present in the natural cycles of seasons, days, etc.

I’ve realized recently that more attunement to seasons and days is a great opportunity to hone my skills as a witch and to acknowledge and accept transitions.  So, I will post a few articles about attunement over the next few weeks.

For the days of the week, one of the easiest methods for me is to use teas to mark the passage of days.  I am an avid tea drinker and have an afternoon cup every day.  Therefore I’m going to try and incorporate herbal correspondences into my daily ritual.

Sunday: Rightly named, the day of the sun.  It’s the day to try and gain a little more prosperity.  In terms of teas, solar fruits, such as lemon and orange, and fire herbs, like cinnamon and ginger, come to mind.

Monday: Or Moon Day.  It is the day of women, sleep, dreams, etc.  I usually try to use calming herbs, like chamomile and mint, on this day (although I save sleep-inducing herbs like valerian and skullcap for my nighttime cup).

Tuesday: This is the day dedicated to the gods of war and invokes courage, strength, and passion.  A spicy and smooth rooibos tea is perfect to attune to these principles within ourselves.

Wednesdays: Creativity, change, and communications are at work.  I like a good Earl Grey because the caffeine makes you more awake and therefore able to perceive the changes around you, and bergamot is a friend to the scholar and wordsmith.

Thursday:  Thor’s Day brings us healing and abundance.  Any healing blend (try going to an herbiary or herbal store to find a good blend for your health needs) or green tea would be appropriate for this day.

Friday:  Not just the end to the work week, but also to the goddesses of love and romance.  Try to find or incorporate rose petals and hibiscus into your tea blends.

Saturday:  The day of banishing and and protection ruled by Saturn.  It is the darkest day of the week, in a way balancing the lightness of the days dedicated to the moon and sun.  Teas heavy in spices, such as chai, or a simple black tea is appropriate on this day.

© Ariadne Woods

New Blog for Herbs

Hi all!

I get a lot of emails and inquiries about herbal practices.  However I’ve come to realize that unless the discussion is for spiritual purposes, Cauldron and Brew is not necessarily the place for those discussions.

So, I have created a new blog for herbalism and related discussions, The Sexy Witch Herbal.  It’s just the basics of herbalism plus a few personal and gathered recipes.  There is not a lot of content up yet, but I’m working on it!  Please subscribe and with friends.



Balancing Herbalism and Modern Medicine

Herbalism and modern medicine often seem to be at odds with each other.  Advocates on both sides concentrate their energies on the negativities of the other.  Modern medicine has too much chemicals and not enough ethics, and herbalism relies on the self and not experts.  Yes, there are positives and negatives to both practices, but do they have to be at odds?  No. They really can compliment each other nicely, but in my experience there are a couple of guidelines to follow.

  1. Always talk to your doctor: You want to know who turned me onto herbalism?  The doctor I had in high school.  I was suffering from side effects from acne medication, and he suggested I try some alternative remedies.  While I realize not every doctor is as open to new ideas, if you advocate for yourself and state your intentions they will listen to you. Also, always consult your doctor about how herbs can interact with medications.
  2. For chronic and serious conditions, go to a doctor. Period:  Wake up with a killer ear ache?  Get some antibiotics.  Find a lump in your monthly breast exam?  See a gynecologist   Do not rely on herbs for EVERYTHING.  One special note:  Depression and anxiety are two conditions a lot of people ignore and try to treat themselves.  Take it from someone who has been there, mental conditions are not trivial or not serious.  See a health professional.
  3. Supplement:  This is best explained in example. I have asthma.  I am strongest affected by physical activity and environment conditions.  For when I think I am going to have an attack, I use my inhaler.  But if it’s cold outside and I know that’s going to make by breathing difficult, I rub eucalyptus oil on my chest and cover up with a scarf.  You know yourself and know the difference of when to use what.
  4. Know what you can treat: No, you cannot treat everything.  But you can do some things.  I feel comfortable treating about half a dozen things: car sickness, hangovers, acne, small nicks and cuts, asthma management (although if I have an attack I go to the hospital and let experts help), insomnia (to some extent), and colds.  I would feel extremely nervous treating cancer.  Know the difference.

Obviously I am not a medical professional, so you do not need to listen to me.  This is just the perspective I have on keeping healthy.  You and your doctor should ultimately determine your plan.

Knowledge is power.  Know yourself, know how your body works, and know how to ask for help.

© Ariadne Woods