Magical in the Mundane Series: New Moon

There’s a lot of talk within the Pagan and Witch community about living a magical life.  This means bringing elements of spirituality into everyday activities.  In my practice, I like to coordinate different tasks to the moon phase.  Obviously this isn’t always practical or feasible, but it does bring a little bit of oomph into everyday life.

The New Moon, which I celebrate from the last day of the Dark Moon to the first night I see the Moon reappear in the sky, is a great time to start new projects or to set the metaphorical reset button.  Here is a breakdown of example of activities I like to coordinate with the New Moon.


  • Change your sheets
  • Paint or hang new pictures or curtains
  • Plant crops or buy new house plants

Personal Care

  • Cut your hair, if you want to try a new style
  • Start a new diet or exercise regimen
  • Switch out contacts, razors, and toothbrush

Work and School

  • Propose a new initiative or policy
  • Start a research project, thesis, or dissertation
  • Begin professional correspondence with a new client

Social Life

  • Try a new hobby or activity
  • Ask a crush on a date
  • Go to dinner with a recent acquaintance

The common theme between all of these activities is beginning and newness.  Anything you want to grow, start it at the New Moon.  As you watch the Moon wax, you’ll be more inclined to continue your plans successfully.

© Ariadne Woods


The Moon as a Symbol

The moon is brought up a lot in Paganism as a tool, as a symbol, and as a spiritual guide.  For many practitioners she is a source of divine inspiration and admiration.  There is a lot of symbolism around this celestial object, often associated with its moon phase.  Observing the moon is considered a spiritual practice, one I encourage.  This is just a quick guide to the symbolism of the moon although there are several books on the subject (see below!).

The waxing moon occurs from between the new and full moons.  I like to establish it from the day after the first sighting on a waxing crescent to the day before the full moon.  In its archetype, the waxing moon depicts the White Goddess or the Maiden: free-spirited, untamed, and young.  Diana, Greco-Roman Goddess of hunt and children, is the major deity associated with this phase.  In magic workings this is a good time for increasing energy and gaining.

The full moon occurs for three days in the lunar cycle.  You can feel it in your bones as well as see it in the sky.  She is the Red Goddess or the Mother: creating, nurturing, and powerful.  The deities associated with this phase are Tsukuyomi and Selene, Shinto God  and Greco-Roman Goddess (respectively) of the Moon.  All magic can be performed at this part of the cycle.

The waning moon is from the first sign of decrease in the moon until it is no longer visible.  The Black Goddess or the Crone represent this time: wise, introspective, and empowered.  Hecate, Greco-Roman Goddess of magic and crossroads, is the deity of the waning moon.  Releasing and banishing magic can be performed at this time in the cycle.

The dark moon is when the moon is not visible in the sky.  It is the darkest energy in the lunar cycle.  Some people believe that no magic can be performed at this time, but I think it is a universal time similar to the full moon.

The new moon is the first visible crescent of the moon in the new cycle.  She is associated with new beginnings in both spiritual and magical activities.

Further Reading:

Everyday Moon Magic by Dorothy Morrison

Grandmother Moon by Z Budapest

© Ariadne Woods

A Case of the Full Moon Crazies

My mom is a teacher.  She says the worst time of the month is the three days of the full moon because her kids are more rambunctious and rowdy.  I kind of thought she was exaggerating.

Until this full moon.

I cannot stop eating or moving or praising the Goddess.  Not that any of that is bad, it’s just weird for me.  Is there anything particularly special about this moon?  I don’t think so.  So what the hell is going on?

Whatever is going on, I hope everyone has a blessed full moon!

© Ariadne Woods

Blue Moon

The next three nights constitute a blue moon.  While there are many different definitions concerning what this means, one popular version is the fourth full moon in a season.  Another is the second full moon in a calender month. Today refers to the latter.

In addition to other regular sabbat activities, it’s a time for power and for deep introspection.  Do a spell that needs an extra boost.  Look at your life and use to moon to cultivate its blessings.  Or, change a habit or practice.

I am spending it in two ways.  First I am spending time reconnecting with my friends (it is Thirsty Thursday after all)  and then in ritual looking at my relationships.

Have a good Blue Moon and may the Goddess bless you!

©Ariadne Woods