Uhhhhhhhhhhh Did I Just Have a Paranormal Experience??

The other day I was given the opportunity to tour a museum storage area.  We were having a pleasant look at artifacts when we turned a corner.  I got such a wave of anxiety and trepidation, no idea what had caused it.  Then I noticed what was in front of me.  A green sheet covered a large object. Before our guide uncovered it, I knew what it was.

An electric chair.

All I could feel was an overwhelming anxiousness.  Tunnel vision took over my senses to the extent that I didn’t realize I was leaning against another object.  All I could think was SOMEONE better cleanse this object before its put on display.

Now, I am not particularly sensitive for energies and spirits and whatnot, despite my strong belief in them.  I am admittedly skeptical.

But at the same time,

I’ve had a fair amount of experiences and have had friends and mentors who I trust to be honest that I instinctively know something else is going on.  For example, last year my brand new dorm room in which my roommate and I were the first residents hosted a spirit.  It made some noise and opened our door once, but mainly left us alone.  Liz and I exchanged stories of our “friend” like Pokemon cards with our friends.  Eventually, I attempted to commune with the spirit with the help of an experienced friend.  He and I came to the conclusion that it was very old and quite harmless and pretty cool with us living there.  So through this and other, less intense, experiences, I have learned to be skeptical, but open with the paranormal.

Back to the other day, I was plagued with the experience with this chair.  So I asked my Pagan coworker, Mary, about her reaction.  She divulged that she felt almost like the energies connected to the chair were taking over.  She remained shaken for days.

I want to urge my readers to keep this experience in mind when visiting sites in which spirits and whatnot are known to be present.

Bright Blessings!


(c) Ariadne Woods