The Witch’s Home

As many of my long-time readers know, I have been accepted to graduate school.  Since the university is far away, this weekend I am moving to a new state and city I have never been to before.  I am a little nervous, but mostly I am excited to create a new home for myself.

In preparation for this event, I have been doing a little research into Pagan, Wiccan, and witch homes and the related features, spells, and charms.  A few things that I have found I am sharing with you.  These can be adapted to apartments and dorms as well.

General Protection of the Property:

  • Witch’s Bottles: These charms are a powerful filters of energy coming into your property.  There are a lot of different variations and ingredients, so do a little research and find a blend that works for you.  I like doing mine at the Saturday closest to the dark or new moon.  Also if you can’t bury it in the ground, then put it in a container with a plant (good for dorms and apartments because it’s mobile) or in the back of a closet.
  • Door Hangings: Wreathes, Evil Eye beads and yarn shields, up-turned horse shoes, pentacles, dried herb bundles, wind chimes, entrance bells, etc.  These can be hung over or on your door to ward against bad, evil, or negative energy.
  • Lock Charms: Compose a small charm to say every time you lock your door.

Cleansing and Space Clearing

  • Open a Window: Fresh air in, old air out.
  • Do This Regularly:  Find a method that work for you and do it seasonally, monthly, at the same point of the lunar cycle, etc.

Magical Item Storage:

  • Herbs: Glass bottles either in a dark space or in amber bottles.  If you want to get these on the cheap, save your pasta sauce containers.  They take up a decent amount of space, though, so last resort is to double bag the herbs. Also, labeling is important even if you are extremely familiar with the plant.
  • Crystals: Check which stones are photosensitive or can be scratched easily.  Store accordingly.
  • Cabinet: What do you need to store the most? For me, it’s herbs and books.  So my cabinet is a bookshelf in my closet with a box for my other assorted items, but plenty of shelf space for bottles and books.  If larger things such as cauldrons and robes are your speed, then consider a trunk or large storage box.  If you have only a few things, use a nice jewelry box  This is completely dependent on your needs.


  • Permanent or For a Specific Event?: Do you have the space or the need for a permanent altar?  If you do, meditate on its elements (kind of table, statuary, candles, etc.).  If you can’t, keep a space in mind for sabats, esbats, etc.


  • Living Room: This is a good space to promote harmony within your family or roommates, especially if you spend a lot of time here.  Make it comfortable and welcoming.
  • Kitchen: The space you prepare food , it is a space for creation and witchcraft.  Make it easy to use.
  • Bathroom: The center of beauty in the home.  This should be a pretty room.
  • Bedroom: The vibe here is more open.  Do you want comfort and relaxation? Then use soft colors and soothing scents.  Or do you want it to be for adult activities? Two words: silk sheets.

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Further Reading:

  • The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham
  • Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery by Kris Bradley

© Ariadne Woods


Urgent Question: Is It Acceptable to Space Clean Someone Else’s Bedroom?

Hi everyone!

So I am about to stay at my aunt’s home.  Due to the family dynamics, the space just reeks of negativity.  Every time I stay my anxiety level goes through the roof.

I was wondering if it would be morally okay to space clean the room I will be using, which is my cousin’s bedroom.  I tried Googling advice on this subject, but could not find any articles on this topic.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks and bright blessings,


© Ariadne Woods

Define Harm

Generally I try to adhere to the Rede principle of Harm None.  While perhaps it is too black and white or too simplified, I interpret it as living in a way that has no intention of hurting other and when I do harm someone taking action to rectify the problem.  However I daily struggle with adhering to this principle in the grey areas.

Take last evening.  I was in a situation that I felt really unsafe in my own room* because someone came into my suite without permission and deeply insulted my roommates and me.  It scared me so much that I ended up spending the night at my boyfriend’s place.  In the aftermath, I am wrestling with the question of what action to take in response.  On one level, I am waiting to hear back from my residence administrators about the pseudo-legal consequences and the potential dialogue to prevent this from happening again.  But what I am struggling with is the actual violation of entering my home and making me feel weird.  I cannot believe anyone would do that.  It’s the college equivalent of breaking and entering. He harmed my sense of security.  I am going to have to work hard to achieve peace and safety in my suite.

While I wait for an answer from my school, my main goal is to take my anger and channel it into recreating my sense of home in my dorm room.  I have constructed a permanent shield around my room with highly filtering properties.  It makes me feel more secure and more comfortable.  I also am going to do a full cleanse on Saturday and perhaps put up some runes or stones that will help deflect negative energy.  I have already resolved that it is not my place to personally confront this person, both in the mundane and the magical.  That is what the residence administration is for, to mediate disputes.  For me to respond with malice, it just keeps the cycle of conflict going which I do not want.  Regardless of the outcome, I will work hard to resolve this situation within the bounds of my faith.

© Ariadne Woods

*I apologize that I can’t give a full account of what happened.  I have been asked to keep the situation quiet and even though I do not publish under my given name, I still want to respect the wishes of my building administration.