Witch Tips: Travel Altars

Summer’s almost halfway over in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean people have stopped traveling.  Travel altars are a great way to mark the sabats and esbats as well as to stay grounded while on the road.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • The practical stuff:  Approach your planning with a couple of questions in mind.  Are you a frequent traveler or only once or twice a year?  Are you traveling by car, train, broomstick, plane, bus, hovercraft, bike, or Millennium Falcon?  How much space do you want to commit to supplies? Be realistic.
  • Durability: This is especially important for frequent travelers.  Ceramics and glass are lovely at home, but have a tendency to break in suitcases.  I know a lot of people hate the energy of plastic, but consider the benefits.  Wood and cork also work well.
  • Be picky: Let’s be honest.  You don’t need EVERY herb in the cabinet or EVERY stone in your collection or EVERY statue you’ve ever bought.  If you’re stuck, I’d recommend an altar cloth, a small dish, some salt, black and white candles (CHECK to see if you can use this wherever you’re staying), matches (or lighter if you aren’t flying), a deity representation, and one special object.  You can do so much with just a few things.
  • Space clearing:  If you are exceptionally sensitive to energies, perhaps throw a bell and some sage mist in the bag.  You’ll feel more comfortable in the hotel room, whether you perform ritual or not.  Backup plan?  McDonald’s salt packets, tap water, and clapping.
  • Flexibility:  The God and Goddess don’t care how elaborate your ceremony is.  They just like knowing you are keeping your faith with you on the road.  So adapt for circumstances and enjoy!

© Ariadne Woods