Magical in the Mundane Series: Samhain

Samhain is the season of reflection, honor, and reverence.  Pagans and Witches take this time of year to accept the past, to honor the ancestors, and to look inward to discover what they really want.  It’s also the time of year to get closer to family and friends.


  • Clean out the house.  Donate old furniture, clothing, and house goods to charity
  • Frame photographs of family members
  • Pull out a few old family recipes, favorites from when you were a kid
  • Go to the cemetery to clean family members’ graves and to plant bulbs
  • Winterize your outdoor spaces and bring in potted plants

Self Care

  • Break an unhealthy habit, such as smoking
  • If your doctor says its cool, consider doing a detox (people with liver conditions or other serious medical ailments can’t do this activity).  Some are super crazy and unhealthy (plus who wants to just drink lemon-chili water for a week?!), but the Vegetarian Times has a lovely weekend detox designed to safely eliminate toxins from the body
  • Indulge in an extra bath or two to cultivate serenity and peace of mind as you reflect on your life.  Make them super luxurious by infusing equal parts rose petals and calendula in a large pot of water.  Let steep for at least a half hour, strain, then add the tea plus a gallon of whole milk into a warm bath.  Throw in a hand full of bath salts to scent the water and soak as long as you like
  • Start a journal or similar reflective activity
  • If you feel you need a little extra help or get a little overwhelmed as you look on your past, talk to a mental health professional.  If you’re a university student, you can get free services through your school.  Otherwise, Psychology Today’s Find a Therapist is an exceptional resource.  If money is the problem or your troubles seem more spiritual in nature, the Witch’s Voice can connect you to priests and priestesses with counseling credentials.

Work and School

  • Have a meeting with your academic advisor or boss about your goals and future in your field
  • Do some internal evaluations to figure out any problems in your department.  A simple, anonymous survey given to each of your coworkers will do nicely. If you’re a manager or supervisor, take your workers suggestions seriously and make small changes if needed
  • Usually for university students, professor and course evaluations will be in the coming weeks.  Take them seriously and honestly, even if the class is terrible.  They are the best way for students to make changes in their colleges, because they affect how the courses are taught and what professors get tenure
  • Clean out and reorganize your desk
  • If you’re feeling a little stagnant in your job or are looking for a change, start looking at job postings and revise your resume

Social Life

  • Unfriend or block exes and toxic friends on Facebook and other forms of social media
  • Treat your parents or sibling to dinner
  • If you’ve argued with a friend this year, sit down with them and resolve the conflict over drinks
  • Do something joyful such as pumpkin picking or attending a corn maze with your partner and, if you have them, children to balance some of the heaviness of the season
  • Do a little genealogical research to discover your ancestors

© Ariadne Woods


The Penguin Book of Witches

Hi all

This isn’t a book review (it came out last week and I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet), but the publisher Penguin has recently released a book of transcripts and court records from witch trials including the infamous Salem trials.  I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews, so thought I’d let my lovely readers know this compendium exists.