Curios and Texts

This is the parent page for resources, chants, texts and indexes.  Some, such as the Rede and the Charge, are famous poems in modern Paganism.  Others are words of wisdom from the late great Scott Cunningham, resources for further exploration, and some chants.  Feel free to explore!

Also, if you are in the mood for some giggles, check out the Pagan Funny Pages.


4 thoughts on “Curios and Texts

  1. I often recite the opening prayer “Let us be at one with the Power, the power that rules the Universe. For behold, The Lords of Light have set their stars among the Heavens, The Earth spins and the Moon holds her course. Let us walk proudly and hold our heads high. For the Earth is our Mother, The Sky is our Father and we are the Children of the Gods”

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