Rethinking the Elements



Think about the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, etc.  What do you associate with these forces?  Any seasons, cardinal directions, colors, creatures, or attributes?  Do you have a special connection with any of them?  Do you even perceive Elements that are not listed?  Now, think about why you have these associations. Did you read about the correspondences in a book or article?  Did your mentor or coven give you this wisdom?  Or is it something you developed in your own practice?  Lastly, think about if you agree with these associations.  Have you moved or relocated since first establishing your relationships with the Elements, so they shifted cardinal directions?  Has your practice changed?  Or have you found that you don’t agree with an aspect anymore?

I encourage you to do this questioning every once in a while, especially if you move a lot or have had a serious change in your spiritual beliefs.  Things change, so even if you feel you have standing correspondences with the Elements it is good to reestablish and reconnect.

© Ariadne Woods


Witch Tips Special Edition: Water

This post is the fourth of five posts about connecting to the Elements.

Water makes up over half of the human body.  It is in the essence of what it means to be human in this life.  It sustains life on the planet.  In magical practice, the element cleanses and heals.  Water is generally associated with the direction West and the color blue.  Deities with strong associations with this element include Poseidon, Nerthus, and Yemaya.

  • Rainstorms: Ever sit outside in a storm?  The air vibrates with Water’s energy.  If you want to stay dry, sit under a porch or open a window.
  • Go to the Beach: While not everyone lives on a coast, there are beaches on lakes and rivers as well as on the edges of continents.  Spend some time digging your toes in the sand, finding shells and sea glass, and splashing in the waves.  During the entire trip, pay special attention to the sound of the waves.  Meditate to the sound.
  • Take a Long Bath or Shower: Take time out of your day to relax and enjoy.  Buy some bath salts or shower gel in water corresponding scents like vanilla, coconut, aloe, rose, and sandalwood.
  • Drink a Glass of Water: Replace one other type of drink a day with Water.  Do this as often as possible.
  • Feed the Fish:  Local hatcheries or preserves sometimes have areas for people to visit and feed the fish.  This can be a peaceful experience.

© Ariadne Woods