Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft

Social Media and Organizations

  • The Pagan Pride Project: Organizes Equinox sabats every September on a global scale.  A very cool organization.
  • The Witch’s Voice: Great for networking and finding groups, events, and businesses in your area.
  • Great for meeting likeminded people in your area.


  • Timeless Myths: This is a great site for brushing up on the legends and myths from the Greco-Roman, Celtic, Norse, and Arthurian canon.


  • Spells of Magic: This is a site that I am including with a word of caution.  While I strongly believe in writing your own spells, it is nice when you are getting started to have a model to work with.  There are models for every intended path.
  • Llewellyn Worldwide Spell of the Day: Publisher of authors Scott Cunningham and D.J. Conway, every year this company produces an almanac of spells, which offers a wide variety of spells and rituals from a variety of traditions. If for some reason you can’t buy it, they publish the spell of the day every day on their website.


  • One of the biggest online shops for Pagan and occult items.  Great products, especially ritual materials.  Plus, easily the best customer service I have ever experienced!
  • Herbs of the Labyrinth: I visited this shop on vacation.  They grow the vast majority of the herbs they sell and make their own herbal products.  Perfect for anyone who works with herbs.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs: Biggest online supplier of herbs, both medical and magical.
  • The Magic is in You: This Etsy shop is my favorite supplier of tumbled stones.

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