Essential Oil Bug Spray

Happy Independence Day weekend!  If your holiday festivities are anything like mine, you have been spending a ton of time outdoors this weekend.  And as much as I love being in nature, I do not love bug bites.  With the rise of Lyme Disease and other bug carrying illnesses in the Northeast, it is imperative that you apply some sort of bug spray when you spent a ton of time outdoors.


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Essential Oil Blend for When You Are Sick

Colds are the worst.  You’re congested and grumpy and feel like you just want to sleep all the time.  But you also need to go to work and take your kids to school and buy groceries.  For when you are down and out, using this recipe will help soothe and heal.


You can apply this recipe in one of two ways. You can diffuse it in a oil burner or you can add the essential oils to coconut oil and use it the same way you use Vicks. Continue reading

Essential Oil Sprays

As you my lovely reader may have noticed, I love essential oils.  I was first exposed to them as a kid.  Lavender oil was my great-grandmother’s remedy for everything from bruises to stinky sinks.  I rediscovered them as an adult and have been experimenting ever since.
Lavender herb and essential oil
Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy . Source:
One way I use them is combined with water and crystals in an atomizer spray bottle.  I love how this diffusion method envelopes the user in a cloud of scent.  Also I’m asthmatic, so incense isn’t tolerable in my home.  And when my practice began in college, I couldn’t have candles for ritual so I used sprays to scent my dorm room.  Eventually I began making them myself.

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An Herbal Blend for Work, Study, and Intellectual Pursuits

This is a formula I put together for blog writing and homework.  You can use it for anything from doing your taxes to working in your home office to writing a screenplay.   I also find this is a good scent to burn while writing rituals.  While I usually combine these scents as essential oils and diffuse them, it can certainly be blended as a loose incense.


  • 1 part sage, loose herb or essential oil
  • 1 part rosemary, loose herb or essential oil
  • 1 part ceder, loose herb or essential oil
  • 5 or more drops of bergamot essential oil

If using loose herbs, combine the herbs and the bergamot oil together in a container and burn on charcoal tablets.  If using essential oils, combine about five drops of each scent into the diffuser bowl filled with water, then diffuse.

Rosemary has been used for centuries as a memory aid.  Sage and ceder help clear the mind and keep the worker on track.  Bergamot stimulates the brain and helps good ideas flow.

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