Witch Tips: Meditation

Meditation is incredibly popular across many religions and spiritual practices.  In the Pagan and Witch community, there is a strong correlation between mindfulness developed during meditation and several spiritual benefits: strong deity relationships, advanced psychic skills, more accurate spells, better ability to visualize, etc. Continue reading


Direction: Having versus Taking

Two weeks ago, I graduated with a Master’s degree and officially entered the job market.  I’m in this weird suspended state of being. Until I have a job (which in my field takes a few months to get), I can’t really move forward with my career and housing plans.  So, it looks like I need to make plans about what to do next.  And everyone in my life seems to have an opinion about what that should be.  My mother thinks I should stay in New England.  My sister thinks I should take any job that lets me live in any city (preferably in the one she resides so we can hang out more).  My aunt thinks I should take the highest paying job I can get. My friends think I should move to wherever they currently live.  And my grandmother thinks I should wait for my dream job.  Now these are a lot of opinions being fired at me.  While I know they are all well-meaning, but holy shit it’s hard to let my plans take fruit when I’ve got so many other people’s expectations floating around in my head. Continue reading

In or Out or All the Broomclosets Inbetween

Recently, I had the opportunity to hang out with an awesome group of eclectic Pagans from my area.  We just got together for some tea and conversation.  About halfway through the evening, my phone goes off because my best friend had texted me.  I explained to the group that normally I wouldn’t take it, but she’s going through a rough patch and I needed to answer the text.  Kind of out of the blue, someone in the group asked if she knew about my Pagan activities.  Continue reading