Ostara Recipes

Ostara is one of my favorite Pagan holidays.  It’s a time of newness and growth.  In the last few days, it has been getting warmer, the first flowers have bloomed, and the earth is starting to smell lively again.  Take advantage of this feeling of the season in your meals and feasts.

  • Herb-y Egg Scramble: Eggs are an essential symbol of rebirth and Ostara, so they are highly appropriate to the season.  My favorite way is the following: Beat the appropriate amount of eggs with a little milk, salt, pepper, and herbs.  My favorite combination is fresh chives, thyme, and parsley.  Cook as you would a usual batch of scrambled eggs.  After plating them, sprinkle with cheese.
  • Milkshakes: Forget Shamrock Shakes.  Grab a blender and make your own at home.  Experiment with combinations of ice creams, syrups, and fresh fruit.
  • Spring Salads: Leafy greens are a nice way to bring that fresh spring feeling to your table.  Try arugula for a peppery taste, crisp butter lettuce, or traditional spring mix.  Dress the greens with homemade dressing or a new bottle from the grocery store.  Never made a dressing before?  Try this Lavender-Honey Mustard dressing (You will need to scroll down a little the direct link goes to the wrong place).
  • Pancakes, Crepes, or Pannenkoeken: These can be made for every meal and occasion.  To make them seasonal, think about the fillers and toppings.  Try honey butter on pancakes or farmer’s market cheese baked in some pannenkoeken.
  • Mead: My local pub labels this on the menu as the “Drink of the Gods.”  This honey drink is perfect for ritual or just as an evening drink.

© Ariadne Woods


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