Witch Tips: Reaching Out to the Pagan Community

Like in dating, you are never going to meet that one special coven or Witch friend unless you put yourself out there.  Newsflash, lovely reader: the Goddess is not going to just magically put you in the path of a wise old woman who will take you under her wing and introduce you to all of her coven mates.  In this case the Goddess helps those who help themselves.


So whether you are looking to join a coven or are just looking for a friend who doesn’t think athames and energy work is weird, I have a few ideas for you to help you start thinking about how you want to make your grand entrance into the Pagan community.

  • Start Online: The easiest way to reach out and find people in the Pagan community is online.  This is not an activity you even need to do on your regular social media accounts if you want to keep your spiritual life private.  Make one specifically for your Pagan life and even use your craft name if you have one.  Seven years ago I created my hypatialives Tumblr account so I could ask for advice on my spiritual path, and immediately when I started reaching out, people reached back.  Of course, standard Internet common sense still applies.
  • Don’t Rely on One Website, Lead, or Organization: Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea.  If you are only using Facebook to find local groups or Pagans, that is not casting a wide enough net.  Look at as many websites as possible.  This tip is especially true for brand new Pagans, because they are still forming their magical identities.
  • Public Rituals: If you are way more interested in meeting people in person, hunt for local open rituals in your area. Witchcraft has been really trendy lately, and I have noticed that groups have been popping up all over the place offering a variety of rituals and services.  Meetup.com, the Witches’ Voice, and Facebook are three great places to start if you are trying to find events in your area.
  • Become a Frequent Flyer at Your Favorite Pagan Supply Shop: If you are lucky enough to have a local place to buy all your statuary and essential oils, go their every couple of weeks and see if there are any flyers for events or meetings.  Even make friends with the shop keeper because I guarantee they have the pulse of the local Pagan community.
  • Comment, Share, Like: When out and about with other Pagans whether online or IRL, be a part of the conversation.  Comment on blog posts that make you think, share Buzzfeed articles you find interesting with that other quiet girl in open circle, compliment the festival organizers when they do a good job.  Just generally be friendly.  If you are brand new to Paganism and are afraid of saying something dumb, it’s perfectly okay. You might get corrected and judged a little, but the people who really think you’re cool won’t hold your faux pas against you.
  • Keep In Mind You Won’t Like Even Person or Group You Meet: Again like dating, not every person or coven is for you and that’s okay.  You don’t have to be friends with someone just because they are a Witch.  You do not have to join a Pagan organization because it is the first one you found.  Follow your instincts and find what is right for you.
  • Don’t Get Discouraged: So you’ve been looking for a while and have found nada.  I get it. I’ve been there.  When I moved to New England, it took me almost two years to finally meet another Pagan.  The key is persistence.  Just keep digging and searching and attending events and chatting on Tumblr. Take the time and effort to find people you really truly find to be kin.

© Ariadne Woods



5 thoughts on “Witch Tips: Reaching Out to the Pagan Community

  1. I really need to do this. I am habitually a recluse and have come across few pagans who aren’t of the “fluffy love and light” line.

    I need to put myself out there more. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. The guy I’m dating and I both started practicing the craft together, and it’s been so great! We’re fortunate to have supportive friends (even if they don’t follow this path themselves). There’s also a great app I’ve met a few people on, it’s the Witch’s Circle Amino. Unfortunately, anyone can post anything, so you have to verify that what they’re saying is accurate, and it can get a little spammy.

    And what you said about being a frequent flyer at a local pagan shop? We were surprised when we found a local metaphysical shop in our town! (It’s a tiny Christian area in northern Minnesota, so this stuff doesn’t usually mix well.) Now we’re close to the shop owners. Honestly we’ll go and look, not buy anything, and just hang out. It’s such a positive place to be!

    On the downside, neither of us have told our families. They wouldn’t be as supportive as everyone else. I’ve kind of given hints to my family. I’ll offer to align their chakras and cleanse their homes, so I do see myself telling them one day when they see more of what I do instead of believing the negative things they’ve been told!

  3. Being a person who loves spending time alone, I haven’t had much of a problem with my practice. I like being solitary. Still, I would enjoy conversation with other witches but unfortunately live in a rural area that is predominantly of Christian and Catholic faith. As a Mom this makes it hard for me to even have “mom friends” because of my beliefs. Hopefully incorporating some of what you list here will help me to find some people to connect with.

  4. Hello from bonny scotland im looking for advice .. i have an altar in my lounge with all sorts on it..feather angel statues photos crystals but my working one is in my bedroom as i am a solitary i have been told by a high priest that im not a witch as wasnt born 1 and no witch has 2 altars .. im fairly new to this so any advice please xx

    1. A witch is not born, they are called. If you think you are a witch and feel the calling to travel a witchy spiritual path, then merry meet my fellow witchy friend!

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